Consonant parameter drill

This drill allows you to practice identifying the parameters (e.g., active articulator, degree of constriction) for the consonants of English.

Start it up (for the impatient)

Make sure JavaScript is enabled on your browser and click here to start.

Instructions (for the timid)

The screen will be divided into a number of parts:

In the lower part, you enter your decisions for the parameters using the radio buttons (A). When you have made a choice for every parameter, you can click on one of the buttons (B):

In the middle part of the screen, you will see both the consonant symbol you are to describe (C) and the program's feedback on your answers (D).

In the top part, you can choose which parameters you want to work on (E).
Further, for place of articulation, you can choose whether you want to

Try all three.

The "Pick a sound" button (F) chooses a new random sound for you to describe.

You might want to start small -- only working on passive articulators or voicing, for example, and using "Check each" to tell you exactly where your mistakes were. Eventually, you should get to the point where you can get all the parameters right, using the all-or-nothing "Check all" button.

Notes: If you find any problems with the drill, please e-mail me.

Enough with all the talking already, let's begin.