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Fourth University of Manitoba
Statistics Research Workshop (2004)

Wednesday, August 4
Friday, August 6

This workshop is the fourth of a series of workshops organized by the Statistics Department at the University of Manitoba. The first of this series was held in July 2000 and hosted over 10 speakers from Canada and abroad. The second and third workshops of this series where held in 2001 and 2002.

This fourth edition of the workshop is actually special because this year also marks the centennial of the Faculty of Science here at U of M. Also, for the first time, the Statistics Workshop will be a collaborative effort between two U of M departments: the Dept. of Statistics and the Dept. of Community Health Sciences. As such, one of the goals of this workshop is to encourage collaboration between researchers in Statistics, health and social sciences disciplines.

Specifically, this workshop wants to highlight theoretical and applied research on statistical methods in health and social sciences, as well as research in Statistics and Probability Theory. Also, reflecting the research interests of many members of the Dept. of Statistics, a session on the theory and applications of statistics in economics, business and finance will be organized.

Important Notes

The format of the workshop is the following:

Wednesday, August 4 Full day (Bannatyne campus)
Thursday, Aug. 5 Full day (Fort Garry campus)
Friday, Aug. 6 Half day (Fort Garry campus)

Anybody holding a parking pass for one of the Fort Garry parking lots can also park on the Bannatyne campus parking lot.

Anybody holding a parking pass for the Bannatyne campus parking lot can also park, as a visitor, on any of the Fort Garry campus parking lots.

People without any parking pass will be invited to send us their parking receipts for reimbursement.


Members of the organizing committee
(all faculty members at U of M)

Dr. Xikui Wang

Department of Statistics

Dr. Lisa Lix

Department of Community Health Sciences

Dr. Alex Leblanc

Department of Statistics

Dr. Saumen Mandal

Department of Statistics


This page is updated regularly.

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More information about the workshop
Note that the registration fees for the workshop include both
lunches and dinners
on August 4 and 5.
Workshop registration form
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