As a scientist and engineer I focus on researcing problems involving efficiency, effectiveness and safety of tools & systems.  The speed of data acquisition in many fields is approaching an unmanagable level.  My major line of work is currently on simplifying data through presentation, approximation and compression to make scientists more efficient in researchers exploration of their data.  While 'Big Data' promises to tackle a new scale of data analysis that merges many data sets and yields results using unprecidented volumes of data the core memory of computers has not changed substantially in size in sometime.  

Meanwhile specialist researchers need to improve the efficiency of their data analysis to deal with their growing datasets using fewer resources.  My research is in the fields of Combinatorial Optimization, Facility Location, Discrete and Computational Geometry, Robust Statistics, Succinct Data Structures, while my area of applications are Spectroscopic Imaging, Correlative Microscopy, and Instrumentation for Biological Sciences and Engineering.