The followings are the poems that my creative first year students in Circuit Theory Course composed during the spring term of 2002. Enjoy!


My heart is like an ideal source

It never stops, keeps right on course

A capacitor, much like my brain

opens up when full and can cause pain

Still I'm happy that Ohm's law

it always works, without a flaw

and now, good prof, I will start crying

if you say that you were lying

about the bonus mark being given

for a poem so well written!

by: P. C.


Roses are red

Circuits can be blue

but when you use nodal analysis

your dreams will come true!


What can you do?

when the problem looks blue

Not much will do

but nodal analysis will come through!

by: J. U.

The Circuit and Mind

to have power absorbed

power needs to be supplied

It is in every circuit you see;

To have knowledge absorbed,

You need interest applied.

it is all a state of mind.

For maximum power transfer

use the Thevenin circuit

It is a good technique to use,

Set RL equal to RT

ZL equal to ZT conjugate,

then calculations will be well worth it.

A purely resistive model of a circuit can be found

It's when the imaginary part is not there.

For a person to have a mind that is balanced and sound,

the real and imaginary have to share.

Now, circuits are common in our world today

They're important and known world wide,

they are not just what we use.

They have a lot to say;

It's something that we feel inside.

by: P. S.

Ode for Omega

Questions read so feverishly,

Impedance asked for 1 thru 3.

Minus J o’er something C,

Something being the frequency.

An anxious glance atop the page,

Alleviates the nervous rage.

The constant sought is plainly there,

Placed within the phrase with care.

Units are of no concern,

As quickly as I can discern,

The question states: a hundred Hertz,

In cycles done times S inverse.

And ‘F’ is nowhere to be seen,

Now what exactly does that mean?

Remembering now a prof profess:

Omega is one over S!

A cycle in its very sense

Is a simple circle, hence,

Should not all Canadians,

Consider cycles radians?

Rads are oft deemed unitless,

Angles too, I must confess,

I see no reason to reverse

my claim that Omega’s in Hertz!

Others have been thus misled,

By this question, as I’ve said.

I’m not alone in my crusade,

To see a minor change be made.

It is absurd to plainly see,

Amid such triviality,

An inclination to reject,

An answer which is quite correct.

It pains one so, to hear one sigh:

Answer’s off by two times pi.

I therefore humbly do request,

The marks be raised, at your behest.

For those afflicted by this plight,

Would you correct this oversight?

by: C. C.

The KCL Poem

The body like a node,

And emotions like a current,

Kirchhoff's law fails to apply,

When it may be most urgent.

When current goes in,

It has to go out,

Often with feelings,

They stay and turn about.

If anger ever enters,

Power is surely drained,

The body has to work harder,

And the brain becomes deranged.

Should KCL happen to apply,

Many emotions we'd miss,

Excitement would fade,

We'd barely have bliss.

Perhaps it is good,

KCL doesn't apply,

We'd all be like robots,

We would all become dry.

by: R.J.

The Philosophy of Zero in KVL

Flowing through


barriers impeding our movement

draining us

challenging us

to find a better path

and somehow

no matter what we do

or where we go

it all adds up to zero at the end!

by: L. H.


Electricity flows through circuits

as blood flows through life.

Wires, capacitors, inductors, the environment

define us, the circuit!

Capacitors collecting charges as we collect stress

5tau later, moved, not a second less!

Wires guide the bloods path

the currents directions can be found by math!

Fates strings pull us on unknown journey

live life, enjoy life with its uncertainty.

Yet, the question lies

do you follow the way of the current?

Do you take the easiest path?

by: M. W.

Ode to Capacitor

Hooray for capacitors, they are really neat

For you see, they help my heart to beat!

They are hidden inside a pacemaker right next to my heart

And without them my body wouldn't start

your values can be found by solving e by A over d

and you are represented by the letter we call C

It takes you 5tau to charge and 5tau to drain

you do this again, again and again

without you, I would not live, I would not survive

So lets let our love for the capacitor thrive

by: S. B.