Jitendra Paliwal's bio
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Growing up as a child in India, Jitendra Paliwal wondered if it would ever be possible to tell how sweet an apple is without actually taking a bite out of it. Now as a professor with expertise in the area of machine vision and vibrational spectroscopy, he researches ways to peek inside biological tissues and cells – so we can assess much more than just the sweetness of a fruit.

Jitendra joined the University of Manitoba as a graduate student in 1995 and continued on as a faculty after completing his PhD in 2002. He is a Professional Engineer registered with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba (APEGM). In his free time, he likes to read about and discuss languages, religion and pop-culture.


Department of Biosystems Engineering, University of Manitoba Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3T 2N2

Tel: (204)474-6033 | Fax: (204)474-7512

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