The Fristensky Sequence Analysis Package (formerly Cornell Sequence Analysis Package) has proven to be a versatile, reliable, and highly portable suite of programs for sequence analysis. At the heart of the package is NUMSEQ a sequence manipulation program that provides a large number of options for presentation of sequence data, as well as facilitating simulation of operations such as translation, subcloning and ligation. Restriction search programs predict fragments and ends from single or multiple, complete or parital digests . Rapid matrix similarity searches perform quantititive comparisons of nucleic acid and protein sequences. Programs for electrophoresis fragment size estimation and ORF analysis are also provided. Programs are compatible with the IUPAC-IUB ambiguity conventions , and can read a wide variety of sequence file formats.


Most FSAP programs can now be run from Genetic Data Environment (GDE) of Steven Smith.

C code is now available for the following platforms and compilers:

Code may run with other comilers as well.

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