ACeDB - Customizing your database

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  1. Where to start
  2. Building your knowledge base
  3. Setting up group access

    Where to start

    1. First things firstOpening message - When xace starts up, it writes various messages to the window in which it was launched. The file wspec/datainfo.wrm contains text that is printed along with these messages. You can put any message you wish displayed at startup into this file.
    2. Header bar title - The header bar of the main ACeDB window contains a title specified in the file wspec/displays.wrm. This line looks like:
    3. _DDtMain -g TEXT_FIT -t "xxxxx Lab" -w .43 -height .26 -help acedb
    4. Change xxxxx Lab to something that identifies the database.
    5. Start with a few classes
    6. Expand your schema

    Building your knowledge base

    Setting up group access

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