TraceView - DNA chromatogram viewer


TraceView displays DNA chromatogram traces in either  ABI (Applied Biosystems) or SCF V2 or SCV V3 formats (Standard Chromatogram Format).

  1. File format - Trace files must be compressed by GNU-Zip.  Since chromatogram files are usually large, this saves a lot of disk space.  For example, if your chromatogram file is called 'BF80.abi', type
    1. gzip BF80.abi
    which will replace your file with a zip file called BF80.abi.gz
  2. Running the program - At present, TraceView must be run from the command line. To view BF80.abi.gz, type
      traceview BF80.abi.gz
  3. For more information, read the paper.

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