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Install BIRCH


Once the installer has been invoked, the console will appear.
It will attempt to detect the platform, and is where you will see things like:
  1. Error messages (a copy of the log)
  2. Download progress (if network install)


Once the platform has been detected, the main installer window ill open.
You have a few options:
  1. Default: simply click "Finish" to install from network/disc with default parameters
  2. Advanced:
    1. Select a directory for install  log , or turn it off (as you so please)
    2. Select "Advanced Install", click next (Finish button will become "next")


If you selected an advanced install you will have a few options:
  1. Directory to install to:
    1. The default is your home directory, but you might want to change this
  2. Installation type:
    1. miniBirch: If you already have a BIRCH system (like on a Solaris NFS), and you want to connect to it instead of making a new one, select this.
    2. Development Version: Only recommended for advanced users, the Development version may be unstable.
    3. Binaries: The installer should have automatically detected your binary type, but if you have a server cluster with multiple architectures, select additional binaries.