bioLegato Online Help

The Edit Menu

Copy selection to internal clipboard and delete from display
Copy selection to internal clipboard.

Sequences can be pasted into other programs. However, as of BioLegato 0.7.9, the format used is a pseudo-GenBank format, which is not understood by most programs. This will be changed to FASTA format in a future release.
Paste selection from internal clipboard to cursor location

Sequences selected from documents or other programs can be pasted directly into the BioLegato window. Supported formats include FASTA, GenBank, GDE, and Flat.
Select All
Select all items in name pane or sequence pane
Current selection will be made into a group. Insertions and deletions of gaps or other characters are performed on all members of a group.
Get Info
Show or modify data for the selected sequence.
This menu also makes it possible to read alternative color schemes for displaying nucleotides or amino acids.
Select sequence by name
Select all sequences whose names match a search string
sort rows by keyword
Copy out
Write selection to the external clipboard file. Copy out and Paste in make it possible to move data from one bioLegato window to another.
external clipboard file
blpalign $HOME/.blpalign_clipboard

Paste in
Import contents of external clipboard file into the current bioLegato window.
Open a new bioLegato window containing only the selected data
Extract subset of sequences to new window
Select sequences in the current bioLegato window using a list of names to choose the selection. Send to a new bioLegato window, a text edit window, or a file.