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About bioLegato

What is the distinction between 'bioLegato' and 'birch', 'bldna', 'blprotein' etc.?

bioLegato is a generic graphic user interface for launching other programs. It is designed to make it easy to write new interfaces for many different types of data. Usually, for each type of data, there is a specialized instance of bioLegato.

The menus, and the choices of programs are not hard-coded into bioLegato. Rather, the specification for menus (eg. where buttons or file choosers or sliders go) and which programs are available, are read when bioLegato first starts up. for example, bldna is an instance of bioLegato for working with DNA. When bldna starts, it reads a list of DNA sequence programs, and the menu specifications, and creates the menus and launchers needed to run each of the programs in the list.