bioLegato Online Help

Sequence Information

Select a sequence and choose Edit --> Get Info

The Sequence Information menu lets you set properties of individual sequences.

Character protections - By default, only alignment gaps may be inserted or deleted. Check boxes set which kind of characters are protected from deletion: Alignment gaps (-), Ambiguous characters (eg. y, r, n for DNA) or Unambiguous characters (eg. AGCTU for DNA/RNA).  The Backspace button deletes characters to the left of the cursor. The Delete button deletes characters to the right of the cursor.

Colour mask - The Colour mask lets you read alternative colour schemes for amino acids or nucleotides. A choice of color scheme files is included with bioLegato, but user-supplied files can also be read. When the Update button is pressed, the chosen colour scheme is applied to the currently-selected sequences.

Example: In a multiple alignment,  choose Edit --> Select all. Next, Choose Edit --> GetInfo. To use the colour scheme for hydrophobicity, choose protein_hydrophobicity.csv. Click on Update to make the changes take effect.

Colourmask files - bioLegato colourmask files assign a hexadecimal color code to sets of characters. Any characters not listed in the file are displayed in black. Files are two-column csv files, using the TAB character as the seperator. The first line is a title line. On subsequent lines, a list of one or more characters is included in the first field, and a hexidecimal colour code is in the second field. For example the contents of protein_zappo.csv are shown at right.
aa      colour
ILVAM #ffafaf
FWY #ffc800
KRH #6464ff
DE #ff0000
STNQ #00ff00
PG #ff00ff
C #ffff00