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Installation Steps

  1. Install JRE or equivalent
  2. Decompress the program files
  3. Set configuration files

1. This program is written in Java and uses the Java 1.3 API. Therefore, a Java Virtual Machine is required to run the program. I would recommend the JRE from Sun for Windows, Linux, or Solaris. Similar tools exist for other platforms and the JRE has been ported to several different systems, including Mac, and other UNIX systems. For another version Linux, the Blackdown Orginization has ported the JDK to linux and it is available here. They are also more likely to have non-x86 architectures for Linux.

2. Once Java is set up, you need to get the program files. Go to and download the appropriate files. Then decompress the files to an appropriate directory. The files will automatically be placed in a "genographer" subdirectory.

3. Only one part of the program really needs to be configured, the help browser. To do this, open the file "genograph.cfg" which is in the "genographer" directory, in a text editor, such as NotePad, SimpleText, pico, emacs, vi. Change the BROWSER variable so that it gives the path to a web browser installed on your system. Several defaults are already provided. To choose one of them, simply uncomment the line and comment the other BROWSER lines. Also, the file "standard.cfg" may need to be modified to add size standards used in your case.


How the program is run depends on which Java Virtual Machine you have, and which operating system you have. The following will describe how to run the program with the JRE on Windows, UNIX, and a little on Macs.

The program can be run from the comand line(DOS or a shell). If the jre is not in the path, the full name must be typed in. In Windows 95, this is something like "C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\jre\1.1\bin\jre" The following assumes that the jre is in the path. If it isn't simply type out the full path name. Change to the Genographer program directory (ie c:\genographer) and type "jre -cp c:\genographer genographer" Obviously, if the program is installed elsewhere (/usr/local/genographer, etc) change the "c:\genographer" part. The final "genographer" part is the same though. The " -cp" is used to tell the JRE where the program files are. The program should be started from it's home directory so it can find all of the files it needs.

Command Line Parameter

Genographer has one command line: the location of the program files. If you are not able to start genographer from it's home directroy, you should include this option. This will allow genographer to find its associated files. The command would then become:

jre -cp c:\genographer genographer c:\genographer
The final "c:\genographer" is optional but it may be helpful in some situations, such as on a Macintosh.

Making the Program easier to run

On unix systems, simply aliasing the command would be easiest.

On Windows 95, a shortcut can be created. On the desktop, right-click and select "New|Shortcut" Enter the full path for the file jrew.exe (Normally c:\Program Files\JavaSoft\jre\1.1\bin\jrew.exe.) The command jrew will run just like the jre command, but without a DOS window. After that is entered, add the rest of the command in, outside of any quotations if there are any. The rest of the command is: -cp c:\genographer genographer, as described above. Click on next and give it a name, (like Genographer), and then click finish. Now right-click on the new shortcut and seleck "Properties." Select the Shortcut tab and change the "Start in: " entry to "c:\genographer" You can change the icon if you like. Remember if you didn't decompress the files into c:\genographer, don't use that as the path, use the location you installed them to instead!

On Machintoshes, look at the JBindery tool, available at: and the documentation for it is at

Contents About the Program