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Who's Who

The following people are the current developers working on the Staden Package. The full postal address is:

Medical Research Council - Laboratory of Molecular Biology,
Hills Road,
CB2 2QH,

Rodger Staden
Email address: rs@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk

James Bonfield
Email address: jkb@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk

Kathryn Beal
Email address: kfs@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk

Mark Jordan
Email address: markj@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk

Yaping Cheng
Email address: yc@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk

Additionally, use the email address staden-package@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk to send bug reports and comments to. This will direct mail to all of the above people.

Use the email address staden-admin@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk to apply for the package, a package licence, or to make general administrative queries.

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