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BioLegato Development

BioLegato is a programmable Graphic User Interface (GUI). It is designed for launching bioinformatics applications.

What it does: For the biologist, BioLegato makes it easy to run the latest bioinformatics programs in a way that is intuitive and easy to use. BioLegato is the graphic interface for the BIRCH system, a collection of popular open-source bioinformatics tools.

How it works: For the developer, the unique architecture of BioLegato makes it easy to add functions, or to create completely new BioLegato interfaces that will run almost any program, whether on the local system, or across the Internet. Menus that run programs are created using BioPCD, an easy to use language that specifies GUI widgets, and how to run each program. Data are displayed in plugin-canvases. By mixing and matching menus and canvases, an unlimited variety of BioLegato GUIs can be created for almost any purpose.