Obtaining Extra Disk Space

Reference: Managing your UNIX disk space and quotas

At present, IST gives each student a quota of 1 Gb of disk space in their $HOME directories. Students can also utilize up to 5 Gb of disk space in the /local/workspace1 filesystem. To take advantage of the latter, we will need to create a directory in that filesystem, and create a symbolic link to it from your $HOME directory.

cd Make sure you're in your $HOME directory
{venus:/home/plants/frist}workspacetool claim
cat: /local/workspace01/Quotas: No such file or directory

You have submitted a request for additional disk space on the
University of Manitoba UNIX/Linux system.  It will be setup at:
/local/workspace01/frist with a default quota of 5G.

The system should process this request within the next 15
minutes.  At that time, you will be notified by email
(eg. frist@cc.umanitoba.ca) with the results.  You can also check
the status of your request at any time using this command:
"workspacetool show"
Run the workspacetool to claim your new directory. The messages will appear as shown at left.

You will get an email message in our UM mail when your space is ready.
mkdir /local/workspace01/userid/tutorials
Inside your /local/workspace01/userid tutorial you can create as many directories as you wish. In the example at left, a directory called tutorials is created.
ln -s /local/workspace01/userid/tutorials For each directory created in  /local/workspace01/userid,  create a symbolic link to that directory. Your symbolic link can be created in any directory you own.

For most practical purposes, the symbolic link you have created makes it appear as if your tutorials directory is in your $HOME directory, even though it's somewhere else.