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This section assumes that you have already launched a vncserver session on your Unix account, and that vncviewer is installed on your PC.  To display that session on your PC, launch the VNC viewer. It will probably be found in a menu called 'Internet' or 'Communications'.

The vncviewer client will prompt you for the name of the session. For example, if vncserver started up with a session name of 'antares:2', then enter '' in the Connection Details popup window:

Next, you will be prompted for your userid and password. When complete, your Unix session will appear in a window on your PC screen.

You can close this window and reconnect to your vncserver session as many times as you wish, and from as many locations as you wish.  All you need  to do is to launch vncviewer at each new location as you move from place to place. The screen will stay exactly as you left it when you closed the window.

vncviewer can be run through a web browser

One of the most useful features of vncserver is that it includes a vncviewer, implemented as a Java applet, which can be run in any Java-enabled web broswer (eg. Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer). To connect to a vncserver using a broswer, all you have to do is to type in a URL consisting of the name of the Unix host, and the port number of the vncserver job. VNC port numbers run from 5800 - 5899. For example, if your vncserver job was 'antares:2', you would type in the following URL: A login prompt would appear in the browser. After you login, the Unix desktop will appear in the browser.

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