Recommendations to the University of Manitoba Task Force on Strategic Planning

All we are saying is give X a chance.

The high cost, complexity, lack of intercompatibility and rapid obsolescence associated with the PC model of computing is a cronic problem that can only get worse as the computing capabilities needed in all fields evolve. Network computing promises substantial cost savings, while at the same time providing more sophisticated and reliable computing resources to the user community, along with easier use and insulation from obsolescence.

This Web site and the sites to which it is linked can make a compelling case that the Network Computing model will largely replace the PC model over the next decade. The factors of lower cost, ease of administration, and convenience for the user will drive this shift.

The University of Manitoba has Network Computing experties second to none at Canadian Universities. It is therefore in a unique position to become a pioneer in Network Computing. The NC model is already quite mature on our Sun Unix system, although few users use it to its fullest potential at the momemt. Making the NC model widespread on campus is therfore a matter of expanding the current system, making it a bit more user-friendly, and providing NCs for students and staff. Network Computing is a area in which the U. of M. can easily stand out as a leader, which can be a valuable selling point for the recruitment of both staff and students.

I propose the implementation of the following steps to make it easier for users at the University of Manitoba to migrate to the NC model:

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