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If you wish to use a PC, you must physically sit at that PC, and are limited to what that PC can do. In contrast, Unix systems are designed to be accessed across the network. Whether you're in an airport or hotel room, a public library or an internet cafe, or just at home, you have the full power of your data center at your disposal.

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There are numerous ways to run remote Unix sessions, essentially from anywhere in the world. Remote sessions can be run either in a command-line window, or with a full graphic desktop. This page provides an overview of these two methods. Links to more detailed instructions for running remote sessions can be found in each section below. In settings such as a university campus, local PCs may already be running the necessary software, so you don't need to install it.

Command line sessions

Command line sessions can be run from any PC or Mac using client programs that implement ssh (Secure Shell).  ssh replaces the insecure Telnet protocol, which should no longer be used.

SSH clients

If you are on a Unix or Linux machine, you can ssh to any remote system using the ssh command.

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Remote Graphic Desktops

There are two fundamental approaches to displaying a Unix desktop on a remote machine:
Example: Unix desktop session running in a vncviewer window on a PC.

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