TUTORIAL: Genome Visualization with ARTEMIS

Aug. 23, 2017



This tutorial is from the Hinxton 2014 workshop, whose materials are found at:

The files for this tutorial are found at:

The PDF file for this tutorial can be downloaded from Module_1_Artemis_Hinxton2014.pdf

To begin the tutorial, first create a directory called tutorials/artemis:

mkdir tutorials/artemis
cd tutorials/artemis

Next, download the following files to your artemis directory:
Launch artemis, either by typing 'artemis' at the command line, or from BIRCH, choose Genomics --> Artemis.

If you launched from BIRCH, make sure to set the working directory to your tutorials/artemis directory by choosing Options ---> Set Working Directory in artemis.

You are now ready to begin the tutorial.

Note: Exercise 4 of this tutorial requires that you have a local copy of the Uniprot Bacterial database, and that Artemis is configured to find that database.