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Woody Landscape Plants 47003 2007 to present Course in the Prairie Horticulture Certificate (PHC) Program, offered through Distance Education, Continuing Education Division, University of Manitoba.
Teaching History At the University of Manitoba (Degree and Diploma)
Undergraduate Degree
Woody Plants in the Prairie Landscape 39.453 (formerly Ornamental Plant Materials) (1995 to 2005 - alternate years) - lecture style plus a laboratory period that stressed hands on analysis of plant material to facilitate identification. Involves a project to develop a landscape plan incorporating woody plant material.
Fundamentals of Horticulture 39.251 (formerly Introductory Horticulture 39.208) (co-taught 1985 to 2005) -lecture style course - contributed the fruit crops and landscape section of the course including the design and function of shelterbelts.
Environmental Horticulture 39.337 (1994 to 2003) - a lecture and tutorial style course aimed at increasing understanding of the use of plants in the landscape to enhance the environment. A large part of the course deals with principles of arboriculture.
Horticultural Food Crops 39.353 (co-taught, 1996, 1998, 2000) - survey of production and marketing of various food crops. Taught by small group discussion of assigned reading topics, facilitated by both instructors.
Nursery Management and Small Fruit Crop Production 39.319 (included a lab) (1987 - 1990) - aspects of plant nursery production and the production of small fruits found in the Prairie Provinces were emphasized.
Fruit crops 39.420 (1985, second half) - emphasis on small fruit crop production.
Advanced Plant Science Seminar (seminar and grant writing course) 39.742 (1989 -1994) - this course was designed for Ph.D. students. They were responsible for preparing and delivering a seminar, reviewing a scientific paper and preparing a grant proposal in the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada format.
Landscape Horticulture 39.079 (1999 to 2004) - delivered mainly by interactive lecture style. The laboratory emphasizes observation and problem solving, including the use of plant keys for plant identification, and hands-on propagation of plants. The students are also taught the hands-on art of landscape design and are required to produce a landscape plan of ornamental plant beds.
General Horticulture 39.065
(1997, 1998) - a course aimed at the basic commodity areas and the development.
Introductory Horticulture 41.156 (diploma - team taught) (1985 to 1987) - introduction to basic principles of horticulture including production of various horticultural crops
Landscape Plants 39.067 (diploma - included a lab)

(1993 and 1995) - course focussing on the identification and use of woody and herbaceous landscape plants.
Special Projects Course for Diploma Students (Application of Micropropagation techniques to Horticulture) 65.063 (1992 and 1993) - this individualized course emphasized tissue culture techniques. The students were required to do micropropagation experiments and produce a write-up.
Commercial Fruit Growing 41.291 (diploma)
(1985, 1987, 1988) - emphasis on prairie fruit growing. Included some hands-on fruit tree pruning
* The diploma program is a 2-year practical course aimed at developing skills in agricultural practice and the business of farming. (start of diploma)

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