Richard Hollier has been involved in searching out the Freer Family Tree and has traced his Freer Family line back to England. Among some of the information he has is the above Freer Family Coat of Arms said to have been entered by Richard Freer in 1569. The motto "Aime Ton Frere" translates as "Love Thy Brother" and certainly supports the origins of the Freer Surname which translates from Frater in Latin meaning Brother. Various sources suggest that the Freer name is associated with clergy. See Origins of Name. Notice that this Coat of Arms has those elements associated with most Freer Coat of Arms - dolphins, chevron and water as a background. See Origin of Crest.

Richard has traced his line back to a William Leacroft Freer, born in 1775 and died in 1812. The ancestors of William Leacroft Freer are traced back to Edward III. It appears that there may be a link between Colonel Arthur William Wellington Freer and William Leacroft Freer. Any informatin on Freers from the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s would be most helpful. A book that answers many questions is one published in 1887 entitled "The pedigrees of Leicestershire and Royal Descents" by (Rev.) G C Dimock Fletcher MA. Thanks to Andy Freer in England we located the book!! To see Pedigree information check out Freer, Blaby for information which shows links with Edward III. Even though we located a copy of the book Richard would still like a personal copy, so if you know of one please contact Richard below. Those Freers who live in Australia or New Zealand probably are linked to this same family. If you are one of those families check out the Freer Blaby information below. You might also like to check with Richard Hollier.

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