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LDS Ordinances: B=LDS Baptized E=Endowed SP=Sealed to Parents SS=Sealed to Spouse

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Special Symbols: * Film contains no additional information. ^ Some information was estimated or altered.

@ Names and relationships of others stated in source. & Person sealed to other than natural parent(s).

> Additional information from Special Services, Temple Dept. # Additional relatives listed in source.


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Omar FREER (M)........................ C: 1 May 1839 B: 30 Apr 1974 OGDEN Ba: C036961

Father: George Vann FREER Desford, Leicester, England E: 29 Jun 1974 OGDEN So: 588454

Mother: Elizabeth SP: 10 Jul 1974 OGDEN Pr:

0933206 Oswald FREER (M)...................... C: 27 Dec 1829 B: 30 Jul 1977 PROVO Ba: C010063

Father: John FREER Tamworth, Stafford, England E: 22 Sep 1977 PROVO So: 435865

Mother: Fanny SP: 6 Oct 1977 PROVO Pr: 883880

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