Antenna Lab


The antenna laboratory at the university of Manitoba is a comprehensive and modern facility for measurement and characterization of antennas and microwave components. It consists or nine different test systems housed in three different anechoic chambers. The unique feature of this facility is in its ability to test small and very large antennas in a controlled indoor environment, from 500 MHz to 110 GHz, using conventional Far-Field system, the Compact-Test Range and Near-Field to Far-Field transformation. The test systems include: A large 16ft Compact-Range for testing antennas as large as 6ft (180 cm) and up to 50 GHz, A high precision millimeter wave Compact-Range up to 110 GHz, A conventional Far-Field Range up to 50 GHz, A triple linear-cylindrical-spherical Near-Field Range, A 16-probe Starlab Range for rapid measurements, A 110 Network Analyzer for antenna and network characterizations, and a small Far-Field range for table top measurements and education.