Research Interests

Parasitic Hymenoptera are among the most fascinating of all organsims. My research focuses on understanding the phylogenetic and evolutionary history of Hymenoptera (Insecta), with a focus on parasitoids. Parasitoids are among the most speciose, morphologically diverse, and biologically complex of all insects, and therefore offer an idyllic system for examining the patterns and processes of evolutionary change. Robust, corroborated phylogenies are a necessary first step for comparative evolutionary research, allowing examinations into complex evolutionary patterns of both genotype and phenotype. My research extends from pure systematics, uncovering the phylogenetic history among Hymenopteran taxa at multiple taxonomic levels, to comparative evolutionary studies of complex genetic, morphological, and biological traits based on these phylogenies.

Most of my research focuses on Braconiae. Braconid parasitoids are extremely diverse and fascinating organisms - attacking a variety of insect groups.
Here is a link to an excellent video from National Geographic

For more information on current research, see RESEARCH PROJECTS

Prospective Students and Researchers

Although I am not currently accepting new graduate students, I may looking for graduate students for future years. I'm looking for graduate students with a background or demonstrated interest in one of the following:

  1. - taxonomy and evolution of Hymenoptera, particularly Ichneumonoidea.
  2. - Bioinformatics, with a focus on biodiversity informatics, or developing tools for studying molecular and/or genome evolution
  3. - Insect Phylogenomics using next-gen sequencing technologies

Unfortunately I cannot accept students in other subdiciplines of entomology at this time.

Applicants should send an email to Kathy Graham [kathy_graham AT] and [barb_sharanowski AT] simultaneously with the following documents:
  • a CV outlining research experience with references included
  • a copy of current transcripts (covering at least the past 2 years)
  • and a statement of research interests including why you want to join the Sharanowski Lab
  • . Only serious inquiries and those prospective students who follow these instructions will be considered. Preference wil be given to Canadian students or landed immigrants, but international students are encouraged to apply.
    Potential post-docs are also welcome to inquire about opportunities. At this time only students elgible for the NSERC Post-doctoral fellowship or students who can obtain their own funding will be considered

    Undergraduates looking to get research experience in entomology with a focus on molecular systematics, taxonomy, or evolution of Hymenoptera are also encouraged to apply.