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Lectures (CHEM)

Biochemistry (2370)

X-Ray Crystallography (4570)

Signal Transduction (4360)

Advanced Biochemistry (4700)

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Structure Based Drug Design

Protein X-Ray Crystallography

Biophysical Chemistry (7400)

The Lab

The primary goal of our research is to understand in detail the structure-function relationship of proteins as dynamic systems. We are mainly focused on signaling linked to catalytic turnover,  the storage function of coiled-coil domains and mechanisms of complex formations and signal transduction within the  extracellular matrix. To reveal the structural and functional basics of the underlying molecular aspects of signaling, we use a combination of:

  • X-ray crystallography in combination with SAXS and Electron Microscopy
  • Several biophysical techniques  (a.o. DLS, AUC, DSC-ITC and CD-spectroscopy)
  • In vitro and in vivo functional analysis 
Our long term goal is to develop a molecular understanding of target proteins at work. The research will provide new insights into basic mechanisms of how these proteins function, and applied science of great biotechnological and biomedical importance will be advanced.

Recent Research Highlights

Booy EP, Meier M, Okun N, Novakowski SK, Xiong S, Stetefeld J, McKenna SA.
The RNA helicase RHAU (DHX36) unwinds a G4-quadruplex in human telomerase RNA and promotes the formation of the P1 helix template boundary.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2011

Patel TR, Reuten R, Xiong S, Meier M, Winzor DJ, Koch M, Stetefeld J.

Determination of a molecular shape for netrin-4 from hydrodynamic and small angle X-ray scattering measurements.
Matrix Biology 2011 

Sorensen JL, Stetefeld J.
Kinemage of action - proposed reaction mechanism of glutamate-1-semialdehyde aminomutase at an atomic level.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2011 

Patel TR, Morris GA, Zwolanek D, Keene DR, Li J, Harding SE, Koch M, Stetefeld J.
Nano-structure of the laminin γ-1 short arm reveals an extended and curved multidomain assembly.
Matrix Biology 2010

Campbell Kl, Robberts JEE, Watson LN, Stetefeld J, Sloan AM Signore AV,  Howatt JW, Tame JRH, Rohland N, Shen TJ, Austin JJ, Hofreiter M, Ho C, Weber RE and Cooper A
Substitutions in woolly mammoth hemoglobin confer biochemical properties adaptive for cold tolerance
Nature- Genetics 2010

Orriss G, Patel T, Sorensen J and Stetefeld J
Absence of a catalytic water confers resistance to gabaculine
FASEB Journal 2010

Eble JA, Niland S, Bracht T, Mormann M, Peter-Katalinic J, Pohlentz G, Stetefeld J.
The alpha2beta1 integrin-specific antagonist rhodocetin is a cruciform, heterotetrameric molecule.
FASEB Journal 2009 

for a complete list in Life Science Publications see PUBMED

Group Members

Markus Meier, PhD
Research Associate
+1-204 474-9731

George Orriss, PhD
Research Associate
+1-204 474-7172

Matthew McDougall
+1-204 474-7172

Jörg Stetefeld, PhD

Principal Inspirator
+1-204 474-9731

Oksana Marushchak

+1-204 474-7172

Natalie Krahn
+1-204 474-7172

We will never forget 

M. Aziz ("Dr. Bradford") NSERC-USRA Student [2006-2008] /  A. McFarlane MSc/ PhD-student [2007-2011] / A. Hrabowych NSERC-USRA Student [2008-2010] / C. Viddal PhD

NSERC-PDF [2008-2010] /
S. Karrasch PhD Research Associate [2008-2011] / L. Tapley NSERC-student [2009/10] and MICH-student [2011] / E. K. Ogbomo ("Master Kelly")

MSc Student [2009-2010]
/ S. Gajjeraman PhD Research Associate [2009-2010] /
G. Cox Project student (Red River College) [2011] / C. Ezeonwuka USRA student [2011] / S.

NSERC Student [2011]
/ I. Xie Guest student (McGill University) [2011] /
A. Peters Guest Student (Uni Greifswald) [2012] / T. Taylor Project Student (Red River College)

[2012] /
W. Kim  VP Research Award Student [2012] / K. Edwards VP Research Award Student [2012] and Honours Project Student [2012-13] / B. Baragar Project Student [2012] /

T. Patel
PhD; MHRC/CIHR-PDF [2008-2013] / E. Wiens MSc-student [2012-13] 

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