Ph.D. 1970, University of Cincinnati (Geology)

M.S. 1964, Ohio State University (Geology)

B.S. 1962, University of Cincinnati (Geology)


2010 - Professor Emeritus, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

1981-2010 Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.
1970-81 Assistant & Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Manitoba.
1967-70 Ph.D. student and N.D.E.A. Fellow, Department of Geology, University of Cincinnati.
1965-67 Petroleum Exploration Geologist, Atlantic Richfield Co., Louisiana.
1964-65 Research Assistant (Antarctica), Byrd Polar Research Institute, Ohio State University.
Sabbatical research leave venues:

2006 Oxford University, Centre for Environment (OUCE), UK, Visiting Scientist

1998 University of London, Royal Holloway College, Department of Geography, Visiting Geoscientist, & University of Cinncinati, Dept. Geology, Visiting Scientist

1991 University of California, Santa Barbara, Marine Sciences Institute & Department of Geological Sciences,Visiting Sedimentologist.

1990 Oxford University, School of Geography, UK, Visiting Scientist,

1983 Desert Ecological Research Station (Namibia) and University of Cape Town (South Africa), Department of Geology and Geochemistry, Visiting Scientist

1977 The Australian National University, Department of Biogeography and Geomorphology, Visiting Fellow

1976 University of Cincinnati, Department of Geology, Visiting Associate Professor

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