Selection of Invited Talks

Red River Basin Commission, 35th Annual Land & Water Conference (Keynote Speaker, Winnipeg, 2018, declined).

Gobabeb Training and Research Centre, “Interdune lake deposits in the northern Sand Sea: geology and history of fieldwork at Gobabeb" (Gobabeb, Namibia, 2017).

Nature Manitoba, Discovery Evening, “An extra-terrestrial event in Manitoba at the end of the last Ice Age” (Winnipeg, 2017).

Winnipeg Rotary Club, “Glacial Lake Agassiz: how it changed the world” (Winnipeg, 2016).

Manitoba Naturalists Society, “A late-glacial extraterrestrial event in Manitoba?" (Winnipeg, 2016).

International Geoscience Program, IGCP 610, First Plenary Meeting, "From the Caspian to Mediterranean: Environmental Change and Human Response during the Quaternary" The influence of glacial Lake Agassiz and other large lakes on oceans, climate, and humans (Tbilisi, Georgia, 2013).

Geological Association of Canada, “The drowning and draining of Manitoba: from Lake Agassiz to today”, “Geoscience in Our Lives" Public Lecture (Winnipeg, 2013).

Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS), Alfred Wegener Inst. Meeting, “History of North American runoff and its impact on thermohaline circulation” (Winnipeg, 2013).

Plains Anthropological Conference on “Paleoindian landscapes and lifeways on the Northern Plains: a new synthesis” (Saskatoon, 2012).

National Judge, WHERE on Earth Challenge, Student Competition, Prospectors & Developers of Canada (PDAC) (2012).

Winnipeg School Division, S.A.G. E. Conference, course on “Discovering the Earth Sciences” (Winnipeg, 2012).

AMQUA (American Quaternary Association) biennial meeting, "The complex and uncertain overflow from Lake Agassiz" (Duluth, Minnesota, 2012).

Joint CANQUA-International Assoc. Hydrogeologists meeting, “Large and abrupt changes in runoff from North America during the last deglaciation” (Quebec City, 2011) (Keynote Address).

Geological Society of America, Annual Meeting, “Mapping Lake Agassiz beaches, measuring their isostatically-induced slopes, and estimating their ages using LiDAR DEM data”, Special Session on “Glacial Lake
Agassiz—its history and influence on North America and on global systems: In honor of James T. Teller” (Minneapolis, 2011).

INQUA Congress, “Abrupt changes in runoff from North America during the Younger Dryas” (Bern, Switzerland, 2011). Canadian Geotechnical Society, Short Course on “Geology of Manitoba” (Winnipeg, 2011). Entomological Society of Canada meeting, “Climate change: from geology to ecology” (Winnipeg, 2009, Plenary Speaker).

Canadian Geotechnical Society, Short Course on “Geology of Manitoba” (Winnipeg, 2011).

Entomological Society of Canada meeting, “Climate change: from geology to ecology” (Winnipeg, 2009, Plenary Speaker).

American Quaternary Association Biennial Meeting, "History and influence of the world’s largest glacial lake” (State College, Pennsylvania, 2008) Manitoba Naturalists Society, “Hydrological history of Lake of the Woods” (Winnipeg, 2008).

ORMEN (Ocean Reconstruction and Modeling of European Deglaciation) Workshop on “The impact of changing freshwater flows on the thermohaline circulation and European climate – analysis and modeling of the last deglaciation” (Bergen, Norway, 2007).

Science Council of Manitoba, Youth Forum on The International Year of Planet Earth (Winnipeg, 2007).

Canadian Water Resources Association, “Manitoba: the source of past global hydrological calamities” (Winnipeg, 2007).

National Physical Sciences Laboratory of India (Planetary Geosciences Division), “The final drainage of North America’s largest glacial lake, and its impact on oceans, climate, and humans” (Ahmedabad, India, 2006).

Red River Basin Commission, “The role of Lake Agassiz in global change”, Annual Meeting (Winnipeg, 2006).

University of Yaounde, “Catastrophic outbursts from North American lakes during the Pleistocene and their role in global climate change and human events” (Yaounde, Cameroon, 2006).

University of Manitoba President’s Reception, “Glacial Lake Agassiz: catastrophic floods, tsunamis, global change, and Noah’s Flood” (Winnipeg, 2006).

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Symposium on “Glacial lake discharge and abrupt climate change” (San Francisco, 2005).

Rapid Climate Change Programme (RAPID) Workshop on “The 8.2 ka event”, Natural Environment Research Council of U.K. (NERC) (Swansea, UK, 2005).

Manitoba Geotechnical Society, “Glacial Lake Agassiz: catastrophic floods, global change, and Noah’s Flood” (Winnipeg, 2005).

American Geophysical Union-Canadian Geophysical Union, "Glacial runoff from North America and its possible relationship to changes in ocean circulation and climate" (Keynote speaker, Montreal, 2004).

Wood Hole Oceanographic Institute, "The routing of Lake Agassiz overflow: drama and dilemma" (Woods Hole, Massachusetts, 2003).

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, "History of proglacial lakes and floods along the retreating Laurentide Ice Sheet" (New York, 2003).

Manitoba Naturalists Society, "Manitoba's West Hawk meteorite impact crater: an archive of climate change" (Winnipeg, 2003).

Brandon University, Science Lecture Series, "Glacial Lake Agassiz and its role in past global change" (Brandon, 2003).

4th International Conference on Geoscience Education, "Rapidly rising sea level, catastrophic outbursts, and Noah's Flood" (Calgary, 2003).

Recent Special Sessions, and Symposia Organized

INQUA Congress Special Session on “The enigmatic Younger Dryas climatic episode” (Bern, Switzerland, 2011).

AGU-Geological Association of Canada, Session on “Climatic and environmental transitions and thresholds recorded in lake and ocean sediments” (Toronto, 2009).

International Geological Congress, Symposium on “Lacustrine records as archives of climate change" (Oslo, Norway, 2008).

Geological Association of Canada, Symposium on “Climate and the Quaternary record of Canada” (Quebec City, 2008).

Canadian Quaternary Association (CANQUA), Chair of Biennial Meeting (Winnipeg, 2005).

CANQUA Special Session on “Climate at the edge” (Winnipeg, 2005)

CANQUA Special Session on “Lakes in transition” (Winnipeg, 2005)

International Limnogeology Congress, Special Session on “Ice-dammed lakes and their records” (Tucson, Arizona, 2003).

CANQUA Special Session on “Tracing North American meltwater and floods to the North Atlantic” (Halifax, 2003).

Geological Society of America Special Session on “Noah’s Flood and the late Quaternary geological and archaeological history of the Black Sea and adjacent basins” (Seattle, 2003).


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