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The RETScreen® Clean Energy Project Analysis Software is a unique decision support tool developed with the contribution of numerous experts from government, industry, and academia. The software, provided free-of-charge, can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy production and savings, costs, emission reductions, financial viability and risk for various types of Renewable-energy and Energy-efficient Technologies (RETs). The software (available in multiple languages) also includes product, project, hydrology and climate databases, a detailed user manual, and a case study based college/university-level training course, including an engineering e-textbook.


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U of Manitoba - Intro RETScreen® Workshop (EE & CHP)

Start Date: 2010-04-12 13:00 Registration Status: Open
End Date: 2010-04-12 16:30 Seats Available: 7
Duration: 3.5 hours

Contact: Dr. Shirley Thompson, Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba, 70 Dysart Rd, Winnipeg, MB s_thompson@umanitoba.ca
Phone: (204) 474-7170
E-mail: s_thompson@umanitoba.ca
Cost: $20 for public and $5 for students

This training will introduce RETScreen® Project Analysis (Version 4) with an emphasis on energy efficiency and combined heat and power (CHP). The training will be of interest to project developers, multi-lateral and government agencies, utilities, product manufacturers, engineering firms, consulting agencies, university faculty and post graduate students. The focus of the hands on training will be on energy efficiency in the residential and industrial sector using examples from an iron and steel company and others. The course will allow participants to understand the importance of a pre-feasibility study to ensure financial viability for projects in the residential and industrial sector.


Alex Fleming (P. Eng). In 1990, Mr. Fleming founded DEMAND SIDE ENERGY Consultants Inc. (DSE), Canadian-based energy management firm specializing in commercial and industrial energy audits, energy action plans and Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories and Reporting. More than 340 projects have been successfully completed under his direction and the firm's unique and successful approach to technology transfer and Demand Side Management programs is widely recognized. Mr. Fleming brings to projects over 20 years experience in commercial facility energy audits, energy use verification and engineering reviews for energy performance contracts.

Dr. Shirley Thompson (PhD, M. Eng) teaches an Energy Policy and Management course and utilizes RETScreen®. She has published the following journal article that uses RETScreen® analysis for wind, solar, biomass and energy efficiency analysis: Thompson, S. and B. Duggarili (2009). "Reducing Fossil Fuel Use in an Off-grid Community: The cost-benefit analysis of demand side management and different renewable energies". Accepted by Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. (*.PDF), Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews as well as other reports and documents that use RETScreen®.