Centre for Earth Observation Science
Master of Technology (M.Tech.) Thesis
Applied Geophysics (With Specialization in Geophysical Exploration)


Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (SNMR)method in hydrological investigations


The Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Method (SNMR) is one of the recent tools employed in direct detection of hydrogen rich fluids mainly ground water directly at shallow depths. SNMR forward modelling is an important step in interpretation. Three-layered earth model (1D) with a depth-wise distribution of water content energized by strong alternating low-frequency magnetic field as per NMR norms were used in generating a theoretical SNMR signal at the surface. Several numerical experiments were carried out to study the dependence of NMR signal quality on amount of water content in a permeable bed, depth of water saturated zone and influence of overburden.


Dr. R.G.S. Sastry
Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India

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