Centre for Earth Observation Science
Ph.D. Thesis


Role of surface roughness in moderating ocean-sea ice-atmosphere processes within the marginal ice zone.


Dr. David G. Barber
Associate Dean (Research), Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources
Canada Research Chair in Arctic System Science
Distinguished Professor

Fall term 2007-08:
GEOG 7010: Sea-ice Geophysics (Dr. David Barber)

Winter term 2007-08:
GEOG 7440: Climate change - ArcticNet Seminar Course (Dr. David Barber)

Fall term 2008-09:
GEOG 7010: Selected topics in geography: theory and application of eddy correlation and mass flux determination in micrometeorological research (Dr. Tim Papakyriakou)

Winter term 2008-09:
GEOG 7470: Techniques in climatology (Dr. Tim Papakyriakou)

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