Last Updated April 24, 2012
There are currently a number of positions available for motivated students interested in our research: -Summer Student positions -4th year thesis projects (CHEM 4710) -M. Sc. and Ph. D. positions -Postdoctoral fellowship positions Those interested in learning more about our research and the skills you'll develop in a modern experimental physical  chemistry lab should contact Dr. van Wijngaarden directly for more information. Students in our lab can expect to work in a  wide range of fields, as in addition to its solid foundation in chemistry our research also extends into physics and engineering.  Students will work with: -Modern spectroscopic techniques -High vacuum chambers -Ion sources -Microwave and rf circuitry -Mass spectrometry -Electronics -Programming Students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the many aspects of modern physical chemistry and spectroscopy, including: -Spectral analysis and assignment -Group theory -Quantum mechanics -Computational chemistry In addition to the research based at the University of Manitoba, there are opportunities for group  members to travel to the Canadian Light Source and conduct experiments at Canada's only  synchrotron facility!  For more information, contact Dr. van Wijngaarden by e-mail at