Erin Wilkinson


I am a professor in the Linguistics department at the University of Manitoba. My research mainly explores linguistic structures across signed languages in order to inform more about modality-specific and modality-independent properties.

My primary research interests encompass a variety of sub-fields framed by the cognitive-functionalist approach. To name few, I am interested in language typology, usage-based grammar, and corpus linguistics of signed languages. My most recent work examined kinship terminologies of forty signed languages’ kinship terminologies, contributing to a better understanding about typological variation in visual-gestural languages. More broadly, I explore patterns in grammar and the phenomenon of iconicity across different signed languages to examine what similarities and differences arise among signed languages from various parts of the world.

I also collaborate with researchers who are affiliated with the Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) on psycholinguistic studies on cross-language processing in bimodal-bilingual population.


Assistant Professor

Department of Linguistics

University of Manitoba

536 Fletcher Argue

Winnipeg, MB


Image by Clara Haimes Kusumoto