All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems

by David A. Wyatt

2.0 Acknowledgements

The accumulation of transit information requires a network of contributors, and the author wishes to acknowledge the assistance of many individuals. Chief among them are Alex Regiec of Winnipeg, William A. Luke of Spokane and Jean Breton of Québec. Valuable contributions to the author's collection have also been made by (in alphabetical order): Mario Carvalho (Winnipeg), Dennis Cavanagh (Winnipeg), Perry Comin (Edmonton), Ray F. Corley (Scarborough), Dianne Cox (Winnipeg), Peter Cox (Edmonton), Nick Donaldson (Winnipeg), Irene Doyle (Charlottetown), Rob Eady (Thunder Bay), Steve Fediuk (Windsor and Winnipeg), Micah Garlich-Miller (Winnipeg), Glenn Hobson (Winnipeg), Marilynne Jackson (Winnipeg), David Loftson (Winnipeg), Jeff Lowe (Winnipeg), Leon Marr (New Haven), Jacques Matte, Rod Nasewich (Regina, Winnipeg and Russell), Antia and Andrew Norrie (Winnipeg and Vancouver), David O'Reilly, David Rasmussen (Milwaukee), Rosalind Robb (Winnipeg), Basil Rotoff (Winnipeg), Jasmin Roy (Winnipeg), Andrew Smith (Winnipeg), Alison Stewart (Vancouver and Winnipeg), and Carman, Cathy, James and Bev Wyatt (Edmonton).

The contributions and assistance of many helpful Internet Email correspondants, and USEnet readers is gratefully acknowledged.
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