All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems

by David A. Wyatt

Cornwall, Ontario

Principal System

Cornwall Street Railway Company (no operation?)
failed street railway Incorporated by letters patent 11 November 1885 (Ont.) and authorized by Cornwall town council 14 December 1885. Reported in Poor's Manual for 1889, 1890 and 1891 as operating two steam dummys and four trailers, but Clegg & Lavallée's research did not find local reference to the operation. Reportedly “street cars for the street railway had sat in the Grand Trunk yards for years after their arrival, unused, then one day they simply vanished” (web ref. 2010). Curiously, CESR numbered it's cars starting at 5. (Clegg & Lavallée 2007, p. 11).

Cornwall Electric Street Railway Company (07 July 1896 - 1902)
street railway/light rail Incorporated 1896 (Ont.) in response to a franchise granted by the Town of Cornwall, 28 December 1895. Company forclosed by bondholder the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, who reorganzed and rechartered the enterprise as the CSRL&P. (Miller 1997)

Cornwall Street Railway, Light and Power Company, Limited (1902 - 31 December 1970)
street railway/light rail trolley bus Conversion from street cars to trolley buses 1949. Electric railway freight operation continued until 1971, shortly after its acquisition by CN Rail. (photos W.E. Miller, Peter Cox) (Dorman, CYB 1905-1921, Canadian Coach 1973).

Cornwall Street Ry, L&P 103 (CCF-Brill) (Peter Cox 1966) Cornwall St. Ry L&P 32 (Fitzjohn) (Peter Cox 1966 May 25) Cornwall St. Ry L&P 64 (CanCar model CD52TC) (Peter Cox 1966 May 25) Cornwall St. Ry L&P 65 (CanCar model TD51) (Peter Cox 1966 May 25) Cornwall St. Ry L&P 67 (GM model TDH-3501 old look) (Peter Cox 1966 May 25)

Cornwall Transit 9138 (MCI Classic) (David A Wyatt 2009 July 14) Cornwall Transit (01 January 1971 - present)
Operated under contract by A.J. McDonald Limited 1968 (or 1971) - November 1974 (Canadian Coach 1973, Transit Canada 1975, Transit News Canada 1985, Canadian Coach 1971 cites Allan MacDonald Buses Ltd. while Canadian Coach 1972 cites Cornwall Transit Limited). City operated since 1974. (CUTA 1989, CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1992, photos: Bernard Drouillard [Peter Cox coll.], David A. Wyatt)

Cornwall Transit 7829 (GM T6H-5307N new look) (Bernard Drouillard 1987 Aug 11 [Peter Cox coll.]) Cornwall Transit 0868 (Eldorado National) (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 14)

Cornwall Transit logo
system logo
Service area population46,000 (1991)
Vehicle fleet35 buses (2000)
Employees 455 (1991)
Ridership644,862 (2009)
Data sources:CUTA 1991/2
CTF [Aug. 2010] (ridership)
website 2010 (logo)


Electric railway07 July 1896 - 27 July 1949*
Motor bus1930's - present
Trolley coach08 June 1949 - 31 May 1970
* Electric railway freight operation acquired by CN Rail 01 April 1971. Electric operation continued until 09 October 1971 (RFC).


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