Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Historical and Celebrity Figures

There are several good questions worth asking about a list such as this. Among them are:
1. Are these listings "proven" or accurate? Are the sources reliable?
2. Are these people really gay/lesbian/bisexual?
3. Why so many men and so few women?
4. What is the point of such a list anyway?

There are many reasonable answers to each question, but here are mine:

1. These sources aren't particularly reliable. None are. Authorities that range from thorough professional biographies to rumours disagree on just who is/was or isn't/wasn't, and have about the same track record for accuracy. There is also a substantial cross-pollination between list-makers. An erroneous listing will show up again and again on other sources.

2. Perhaps the acid test is: "Which of them would have self-identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual?" The answer is "few." Different cultures and different times would have made the admission impossible for some, and ridiculous for others. Often the evidence surrounding a medieval figure is a single remark or a curious juxtaposition of events or persons. Hardly conclusive evidence.

3. The gender balance of the list reflects at least two factors. One is the gender of the compiler and the kinds of sources used. Second is the place of women in most societies and times, where celebrity or positions of historical noteworthness were difficult or impossible to achieve.

4. There is no point to such a list. Famous gays and lesbians do not validate the existence of non-famous gays and lesbians. Centuries of closeted men and women likewise adds no cachet of validity to today's men and women. The only point can be "curiousity".

Read on, and enjoy.

The References


"People" chapter of the Alyson Almanac, 1st ed., Boston: Alyson Publications, 1989.

"The strong distinction between homosexual and heterosexual, which many people now consider to be so important, has not existed in all times and cultures. Some of the individuals listed here would not have considered themselves to be gay, or lesbian, or bisexual -- for many, that terminology did not even exist. ... The gay or bisexual orientation of most individuals listed here is well established. For some, however, the evidence is circumstantial, or based on rumor; ... " ---AA p. 142


Wallechinsky, David, Irving Wallice and Amy Wallace. "67 Renowned Homosexuals and Bisexuals," The Book of Lists, New York: Bantam Books, 1977.

"With the assistance of the researchers of the Advocate, ... lists have been assembled of the leading female and male homosexuals from past times to the present. Included, also, are celebrated persons who were ... bisexual. In noting modern-day names we have confined ourselves to those who have announced or publicly discussed their homosexuality." ---BOL p. 336


various authors, "Great Gay Guys" column appearing regularly in Guys. June 1992 column titled "Great Gay Gals."


various authors, "Not So Great Gay Guys" column appearing occasionally in Guys.


Rutledge, Leigh W., The Gay Book of Lists, Boston: Allyson Publications, 1987.


"24 Famous People Who Acknowledged Having Had at Least One Homosexual Experience in their Lives" GBOL


"7 Famous Gay Men Who Also Had a Gay Brother" GBOL


"20 Famous Gay or Bisexual Men Who Served in the U.S. Armed Forces" GBOL


"Heavenly Fathers: 6 Gay or Bisexual Popes" GBOL


Southerland, Lori, "List of LesBiGay Musicians," an article posted to the USEnet news group soc.motss 24 Oct 92 19:06:39 GMT by

"...not everyone on this list has jumped up and said, "I'm QUEER!" but there has been documentation that they are supporters of lesbians/ bisexuals/gays"


Hertzog, Mark, "The List of Living, Famous "Out" People: Here It Is!", an article posted to the electronic discussion GayNet Mon, 12 Oct 92 00:10:27 EDT by mwh8h@uva.pcmail.Virginia.EDU

"Here, at last, is the list of names of living, famous or notable "out" people, in alphabetical order. ... Please give special thanks to Ellen Greenblatt in Buffalo, who sent the most recent edition of "Famous or Distinguished Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals: A List of Names," which she helped prepare for the Gay & Lesbian Task Force of the American Library Association. ...

"One important disclaimer: I am relying on second-hand information. I use only that which I judge to be reliable and have made reasonable efforts to verify those names included, but it is possible that I inadvertantly may have identified someone as les/bi/gay who is not. I apologize in advance if this was done, and will retract any such name if it belongs to a heterosexual. ... A list of some living, famous people who have publicly acknowledged that they are lesbian, gay or bisexual (as of October 1992)" ---MH


"I include these names in that they were passed along by people who believed, and in some cases insisted, that they were out of the closet--that is, had publicly acknowledged being gay, lesbian or bisexual. I have verified that, to date, they have not." ---MH


Fink, N. "Homosexual and Bisexual Rulers, and When they Ruled," an article posted to the USEnet news group 7 Mar 92 15:36:29 GMT by (NFink)


Boughner, Terry, Out of All Time: A Gay and Lesbian History, Boston: Alyson Publications, 1988.


Mansfield, Tim, "My Very Own Out List", an article posted to the USEnet group soc.motss 25 Sep 92 05:06:04 GMT by (Tim Mansfield)

"Inspired by the recent discussion of famous living out people in bit.listserv.gaynet, I've decided to post my list of queer men and women that I've painstakingly compiled from various postings in motss and gaynet.

"I've taken out the doubtfuls, the speculations and the did-it-once- but-I'm-het-now, crowd as not interesting." ---TM


dates of rule (rather than birth and death dates)

Corrections and Updates

The author is always interested in corrections, updates and further information. Please e-mail to:
The latest version of this list should always be available on the World Wide Web at the URL:

The List

Abd Al-Rahman [m] (r: 1880-1901) Afghani king (NF)
Abu Nuwas [m] (AD 756?-810) Arabian poet (AA)
Achilles [m] Greek mythological hero (GGG May 91)
Achtenberg, Roberta [f] San Francisco city supervisor (MH)
"Adult Children of Heterosexuals" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Agathon [m] (450?-400? BC) Athenian dramatist (AA)
Ai [m] (r: 6 BC-AD 1) Chinese emperor (NF)
Akhenaten [m] (1364-1334 BC) Egyptian pharoah (OOAT, AA, GGG Jun 90)
Albee, Edward [m] (1928- ) U.S. playwright "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" (AA, GGG Jan 92, TM, MH)
Alcibiades [m] (450-404 BC) Athenian general-statesman (GGG Jun 91, AA, OOAT)
Alexander I [m] (1777-1825) Russian czar (AA)
Alexander the Great [m] (356-323 BC) Macedonian king (AA, OOAT, BOL, NF, TM)
Alexander VI [m] (1431-1503) Pope (GGG Aug 92)
Alger, Horatio [m] (1832-1899) U.S. author (BOL, AA, GGG Jan 90, TM)
Al-Hakem II [m] (r: AD 961-976) Cordoban ruler (NF)
"Alive!" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Allen, Peter [m] (1944-1992) Australian entertainer (TM)
Almodovar, Pedro [m] (____- ) Spanish film-maker "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down" (TM, MH)
Almond, Mark [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Al-Mutamid [m] (r: 1069-1090) Ruler of Seville (Spain) (NF)
Ammiano, Tom [m] schoolteacher, comedian, San Francisco School Board member (and first-place vote-getter) (MH)
Amos, Tori [ ] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Amunullah Kahn [m] (r: 1919-1929) Afghani king (NF)
Anacreon [m] (572?-488? BC) Greek poet (AA)
Andersen, Hans Christian [m] (1805-1875) Danish author (BOL, AA, GGG Jul 92, TM)
Anderson, Emily [f] photographer (MH)
Anderson, Laurie [f] performance artist (MH-not)
Anne [f] (1665-1714) British queen (OOAT, AA, NF)
Anne Ioannovna [f] (r: 1730-1740) Russian empress (NF)
Anthony, Susan B. [f] (1820-1906) U.S. activist (OOAT, AA, TM)
Antigonus II Gonatas [m] (r: 276-239 BC) Greek king (NF)
Antiochus I [m] (r: 280-261 BC) Greek king (NF)
Antoinette, Marie [f] (1755-1793) French queen (OOAT)
Apuzzo, Virginia [f] adviser to Governor Mario Cuomo; former head of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (MH)
Araki, Greg [m] filmmaker "The Living End" (MH)
Aristotle [m] (384-322 BC) Greek philosopher (BOL, TM)
Armatrading, Joan [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
"Army of Lovers" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Ash, Daniel [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Ash, John [m] poet and literary critic (MH)
Ashbery, John [m] Pulitzer Prize-winning poet (MH)
Ashikaga Yoshimitsu [m] (r: 1368-1394) Japanese shogun (NF)
Ashman, Howard [m] (1951-1991) U.S. playwright-lyricist (GGG Sep 91)
Auden, W.H. [m] (1907-1973) British poet (AA, GGG Dec 89, BOL, TM)
Augustine, Saint [m] (AD 354-430) Roman theologian (AA)
Augustus [m] (r: 31 BC-AD 14) Roman emperor (NF)
Azaa, Manuel [m] (r: 1931-1933, 1936-1939) Spanish president (NF)
Aznavour, Charles [m] (1924- ) French, more singer than actor (TM)
"B-52's" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Bachardy, Don [m] artist; life partner of the late novelist Christopher Isherwood (MH)
Bachmann, Guido [m] writer (MH)
Bacon, Sir Francis [m] (1561-1626) Br philosopher-statesman (BOL, GGG Jul 90, AA, GBOL-bro, TM)
Baez, Joan [f] (1941- ) U.S. folk singer-political activist (GBOL-once, MH "onetime")
Bagoas [m] (345?-after 323 BC) Persian slave (to Alex. Great) (GGG Oct 92)
"Bahaus" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Bakker, James [m] (1940- ) U.S. evangelist (AA)
Baldwin, James [m] (1924-1987) U.S. writer (AA, GGG Aug 88)
Bancroft, Ann [f] explorer and teacher (*not* the actress Anne) (MH)
Bankhead, Tallulah [f] (1903-1968) U.S. actress (GBOL-once)
Barber, Samuel [m] (1910-1981) U.S. composer (AA, GBOL-forces, LS)
Barnes, Djuna [f] (1892-1982) U.S. novelist (AA)
Barney, Natalie [f] (1876-1972) Parisian writer & salon hostess (AA)
Barnfield, Richard [m] (1574-1627) British poet (AA)
Barrie, James M. [m] (1860-1937) British author (GGG Sep 92)
Bartel, Paul [m] filmmaker (MH)
Bartlett, John [m] fashion designer (MH)
Basil II [m] (r: 976-1025) Byzantine emperor (NF)
Bates, Alan [m] (1934-1992) British-born U.S. actor (TM)
Bauman, Robert [m] (1937- ) U.S. politician (AA, MH)
Beach, Sylvia [f] (1887-1962) U.S. expatriate literary figure (AA)
Beard, James [m] (1903-1985) U.S. chef and author (TM)
Beardsley, Aubrey Vincent [m] (1872-1898) British artist (GGG May 90)
Beaton, Sir Cecil [m] (1904-1980) British photographer (GGG Sep 90)
"Beautiful South, The" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Beck, Pia [f] singer and pianist (MH)
Beckford, William [m] (1760-1844) British writer and politician (AA)
Beecher, Henry Ward [m] (1813-1887) U.S. lecturer and pastor (AA)
Beethoven, Ludwig von [m] (1770-1827) German composer (AA)
Behan, Brendan [m] (1923-1964) Irish author (BOL, TM)
Bell, Andy [m] (____- ) Musician of the group "Erasure" (various, LS, MH)
Benedict IX [m] (1020-1055?) Pope (AA, GBOL-popes, OOAT)
Bennett, Michael [m] (1943-1987) U.S. choreographer (GGG Aug 89)
Ben-Shalom, Miriam [f] sued military for reinstatement after expulsion for being lesbian (MH)
Bentley, Eric [m] critic, theatre director and translator (MH)
"Berlin" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Bernhard, Sandra [f] (1955- ) U.S. comedian-actress (TM, MH)
Bernstein, Leonard [m] (1918-1990) U.S. composer (GGG Nov 90, TM, LS)
Beyazid I [m] (r: 1389-1402) Ottoman sultan (NF)
Beza, Theodore [m] (1519-1605) French theologian (AA)
Birisima, George [f] actor and playwright (MH)
Blackwell, Mr. [m] fashion designer; creator of annual "Ten Worst Dressed" list (MH)
Blais, Marie-Claire [f] French-language novelist (MH)
Blake, Nayland [ ] artist (MH)
Blaser, Robin [ ] writer (MH)
Blitzstein, Marc [m] (1905-1964) U.S. composer (GGG Mar 91)
Bogarde, Dirk [m] (1920- ) British actor (GBOL-once, MH)
Bonheur, Rosa [f] (1822-1899) French artist (AA)
Bono, Chastity [f] daughter of Sonny Bono and Cher (MH)
Boswell, John [m] historian (MH)
Botticelli, Sandro [m] (1444?-1510) Italian painter (BOL, TM)
Bowie, Angela [f] poet and performance artist; ex-wife of David Bowie (MH)
Bowie, David [m] (1947- ) British rock singer (GBOL-once, BOL, TM, LS, MH "experimenting")
Bowles, Jane [f] (1917-1973) U.S. writer (AA)
Bowles, Paul [m] writer (MH)
Boy George (George O'Dowd) [m] (1961- ) British pop singer (LS, MH)
Boyd, Malcolm [m] (1923- ) U.S. Episc. priest & gay activist (AA, BOL, TM, MH)
Bradley, Dan [m] (1940-1988) U.S. political activist (AA)
Bradshaw, Terry [m] (____- ) U.S. football player (TM "wrestler")
Brainard, Joe [m] poet and artist (MH)
Brando, Marlon [m] (1924- ) U.S. actor (GBOL-once, MH)
Bray, Robert [m] spokesman for National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (MH)
Britt, Harry [m] former President of the San Francisco City Board of Supervisors (MH)
Britten, Benjamin [m] (1913-1976) British composer (AA, GGG Jul 90, TM, LS)
Broderick, Matthew [m] actor (MH-not)
"Bronski Beat" British gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Brooks, Romaine [f] (1874-1970) U.S. painter (AA)
Brossard, Nicole [f] novelist (MH)
Broughton, James [m] poet, filkmaker and playwright (MH)
Broumas, Olga [f] poet (MH)
Brown, Rita Mae [f] (____-____) U.S. novelist, author of "Rubyfruit Jungle" (TM, MH)
Brunner, John [m] writer (MH)
Buchanan, James [m] (1791-1868) U.S. president (AA "speculation")
Burke, Glenn [m] ex-Major League baseball player (MH)
Burns, John Horne [m] (1916-1953) U.S. novelist (GBOL-forces)
Burroughs, William S. [m] (1913- ) U.S. writer (GBOL-forces, GGG Jan 91, AA, TM, MH)
Burson, Scott [m] artist (MH)
Burton, Richard [m] (1925-1984) British actor (GBOL-once)
Burton, Sir Richard [m] (1821-1890) British explorer & scholar (AA, GGG Jan 91)
Busch, Charles [m] writer, director and actor (MH)
Bush, Kate [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Busi, Aldo [m] Italian novelist (MH)
Bussotti, Sylvano [m] (1931- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Butler, Samuel [m] (1835-1902) British author (BOL, TM)
Button, Dick [m] Olympic athlete (MH)
"Buzzcocks, The" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Cadmus, Paul [m] (____-____) painter (TM, MH)
Cage, John [m] (1912-1992) U.S. composer (TM, LS, MH)
Caja, Jerome [m] artist (MH)
Califia, Pat [ ] advice columnist (MH)
Caligula [m] (r: AD 37-41) Roman emperor (NF)
Callen, Michael [m] (1955-1993) singer, member of musical group "The Flirtations" (MH, LS)
Callow, Simon [m] (1949- ) British actor (GGG Apr 92, TM, MH)
Cambaceres, Jean Jaques Regis de [m] (1753-1824) Fr lawmaker (AA)
Campbell, Jack [m] millionaire Florida businessman and activist (MH)
Camus, Renaud [m] French novelist (MH)
Caravaggio (Michelangelo Amerighi) [m] (1571-1610) Ital painter (GGG Apr 92)
Carpenter, Edward [m] (1844-1929) English reformer (AA, GGG Nov 91, TM)
Carswell, G. Harold [m] (1920- ) U.S. jurist (AA)
Carver, Craig [m] artist (MH)
Casanova, Giovanni Giacomo [m] (1725-1798) Italian adventurer (GBOL-once)
Casement, Sir Roger [m] (1864-1916) Irish patriot (AA, OOAT, GGG Oct 91)
"Casselberry and Dupree" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Cather, Willa [f] (1873-1947) U.S. writer (OOAT, AA)
Catherine II (The Great) [f] (r: 1762-1796) Russian empress (NF)
Catullus Gaius Valerius [m] (c 84-45 BC) Roman poet (GGG Nov 91)
Cavafy, Constantine [m] (1863-1933) Greek poet (AA, GBOL-bro, GGG Jun 91)
Cellini, Benvenuto [m] (1500-1571) Italian goldsmith (BOL, TM)
Chamberlain, Richard [m] (1945- ) U.S. actor (GGG Oct 90, TM, MH)
Chambers, Jane [m] (1937-1983) U.S. writer (AA)
Chambers, Whittaker [m] (1901-1961) U.S. journalist (GBOL-once)
Channell, Carl "Spitz" [m] fundraiser for the Nicaraguan contras (MH)
Chapman, Graham [m] (1941-1989) British actor (GGG May 90)
Chapman, Tracey [f] African-American folksinger (TM, LS, MH-not)
Charles IX [m] (r: 1560-1574) French king (NF)
Charles XII [m] (r: 1697-1718) Swedish king (NF)
Charles XV [m] (r: 1859-1872) Swedish king (NF)
Cheever, John [m] (1912-1982) U.S. writer (AA, GGG May 91, GBOL-forces)
Cho, Margaret [f] comedian (MH)
Christian, Meg [f] (1946- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS, MH)
Christian VII [m] (r: 1766-1808) Danish king (NF)
Christina [f] (1626-1689) Swedish queen (AA, BOL, OOAT, NF, TM)
Churchill, Sir Winston (1874-1965) British statesman & author (AA "once", GBOL-once)
Ciccone, Christopher [m] artist and set designer; brother of Madonna (MH)
Claiborne, Craig [m] (1920- ) U.S. author and gourmet (GBOL-forces, MH, TM)
Clarke, Arthur C. [m] (1917- ) British writer (GBOL-once)
Claudius I [m] (r: AD 41-54) Roman emperor (NF)
Clift, Montgomery [m] (1920-1966) U.S. actor (AA, TM)
Clinton, Kate [f] comedian (MH)
Cocteau, Jean [m] (1889-1963) french author (BOL, AA, GGG Aug 89, TM)
Cohn, Roy [m] (1927-1986) U.S. attorney (AA, NSGGG Oct 89, TM)
"Coil" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Colette (Sidonie Colette Goudeket) [f] (1873-1954) Fr novelist (AA)
Commodus [m] (r: AD 180-192) Roman emperor (NF)
Connelly, Arch [m] artist (MH)
Conner, Bart [m] (1958- ) U.S. Olympic gymnast (TM)
Conners, Dave [m] (1945-1985) U.S. gay-porn star (GBOL-forces)
Conradin [m] (1252-1268) Titular king of Jerusalem and Sicily (AA)
"Consolidated" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Constantine IX [m] (r: 1042-1055) Byzantine emperor (NF)
Constantine VIII [m] (r: 1025-1028) Byzantine emperor (NF)
Cooling, Janet [f] artist (MH)
Copland, Aaron [m] (1900-1990) U.S. composer (GGG Aug 91, LS)
Corigliano, John [m] classical composer (MH)
Corll, Dean [m] (1939-1973) U.S. serial murderer (NSGGG Apr 91)
Corn, Alfred [m] poet (MH)
Corrine, Tee A. [ ] artist (MH)
Costanza, Midge [f] White House aide to President Carter (MH)
Coward, Sir Noel [m] (1899-1973) Br playwright, composer & actor (AA, GGG Oct 88)
Crane, Hart [m] (1899-1932) U.S. poet (AA)
Crew, Louie [m] professor, founder of Integrity (lesbigay Episcopal group) (MH)
Crisp, Quentin [m] (1908- ) British naked civil servant (GGG Jan 91, TM, MH)
Crowley, Mort [m] playwright "The Boys In The Band" (MH)
Cukor, George [m] (1899-1983) U.S. film director (AA, GGG Dec 88)
Curtis, Jamie Lee [f] (1958- ) U.S. actress (TM)
Curtis, Tony [m] (1925- ) U.S. actor (TM)
Cushman, Charlotte [f] (1816-1876) U.S. actress (BOL, GGG Jun 92, TM)
da Vinci, Leonardo [m] (1452-1519) Ital artist, scientist & painter (AA, GGG Oct 88, BOL, TM)
Dallesandro, Joe [m] actor in Andy Warhol films (MH)
Daly, Mary [f] feminist writer (MH)
Damata, Gasparino [m] Brazilian writer (MH)
Damon, Betsy [f] artist (MH)
Damron, Bob [m] (1928-1989) U.S. travel-book publisher (GGG Nov 90)
David [m] (1035?-960? BC) Israeli king (AA, OOAT)
Davila, Juan [m] writer (MH)
Dean, Craig (and Patrick Gill) [m] male couple suing D.C. government for a marriage license (MH)
Dean, James [m] (1931-1955) U.S. actor (AA, GBOL-once, OOAT, TM)
Deee-lite [ ] Musician (LS)
Deitch, Donna [f] filmmaker (Desert Hearts) (MH)
Delany, Samuel [m] (1942- ) U.S. writer (AA, TM, MH)
Demetrius Poliorcetes [m] (336-288 BC) Macedonian king (NF, GGG Dec 91)
D'Emilio, John [m] historian (MH)
Demosthenes [m] (384-322 BC) Athenian orator (AA)
Demuth, Charles [m] (1883-1935) U.S. painter (AA, GGG Aug 91)
Dennis, Patrick [m] novelist (MH)
"Depeche Mode" Musical group (LS, MH)
Diaghilev, Sergei [m] (1872-1929) Russian impresario (AA, GGG Dec 89)
Diamond, David [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS, MH)
Dickinson, Emily [f] (1830-1886) U.S. poet (OOAT, TM)
Diller, Barry [m] entertainment executive (MH-not)
DiMaria-Kuiper, Rev. Johannes Willem [m] minister (MH)
Disch, Thomas M. [m] poet and science-fiction writer (MH)
Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead) [m] (1945-1988) U.S. actor (GGG Feb 90)
Dobkin, Alix [ ] folksinger (MH)
Dolan, Terry [m] (1950-1986) U.S. conservative activist (AA, NSGGG Apr 91)
Domitian [m] (r: AD 81-96) Roman emperor (NF)
Donovan, Rick [m] (1963- ) U.S. gay-porn star (GBOL-forces)
Douglas, Alfred Lord [m] (1870-1945) British socialite(?) (OOAT, GGG Oct 92)
Dressler, Marie [f] (1869-1934) U.S. actress (TM)
Dreva, Jerry "Jerri Bonbon" [m] writer (MH)
Duane, Tom [m] New York City Council member (MH)
Duberman, Martin [m] historian and writer (Cures) (MH)
Duggan, Hacksaw Jim [m] (____- ) U.S. wrestler (TM)
Duncan, Robert Edward [m] poet (MH)
Duquesnoy, Francois [m] (1597-1643) Flemish sculptor (GBOL-bro)
Duquesnoy, Jerome [m] (1602-1654) Flemish sculptor (AA)
Dureau, George [m] (____- ) U.S? photographer (TM)
Dworkin, Andrea [f] feminist writer and anti-pornography activist (MH)
Earhart, Amelia [f] (1898-1937?) U.S. aviator (AA "speculation")
Edward II [m] (1284-1327) English king (AA, GGG Jun 89, OOAT, NF)
Edwards, Sally [f] athlete and businesswoman (MH)
Eisenstein, Sergei [m] (1898-1948) Russian film pioneer (TM)
Elagabalus (aka Heliogabalus) [m] (AD 204-222) Roman emperor (OOAT, NF)
"Electronic" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Ellis, Havelock [m] (1859-1939) Br essayist & physician (AA)
Ellis, Perry [m] (1940-1986) U.S. fashion designer (GGG Jan 91, TM)
Elmslie, Kenward [m] writer and librettist (MH)
Enrique IV [m] (r: 1454-1474) Castilian (Spanish) king (NF)
Epstein, Brian [m] (1934-1967) British businessman, "Beatles" promoter (AA)
Erasmus, Desiderius [m] (1466?-1536) Dutch theologian & scholar (AA, GGG Aug 88)
Eshius, Evelien [ ] member of Dutch parliament (MH)
Estrada, Erik [m] (1949- ) U.S. actor (TM)
Etheridge, Melissa [f] (____- ) musician (LS)
Euripides [m] (480?-406? BC) Greek dramatist (BOL, TM)
Everett, Rupert [m] British actor (Another Country) (MH)
Farrell, Perry [m] lead singer of Jane's Addiction (MH)
Fashanu, Justin [m] (____- ) English footballer (TM, MH)
Fassbinder, Rainer Werner [m] (1946-1982) German film maker (GGG Jun 89)
Feinberg, David F. [m] novelist (Eighty-Sixed; Spontaneous Combustion) (MH)
Ferdinand I [m] (r: 1908-1918) Bulgarian king (NF)
Fernandez, Dominique [f] French novelist (MH)
Ferron, [ ] folksinger (MH, LS)
Field, Edward [m] poet (MH)
Fierstein, Harvey [m] (1954- ) U.S. playwright-actor (GGG Aug 91, TM, MH)
Finley, Karen [f] One of the "NEA Four", performance artists whose federal grants were cut off because of "homoerotic" content in their work (MH)
Finn, William [m] Tony-winning Broadway actor (Falsettos) (MH)
Fleck, John [m] One of the "NEA Four", performance artists whose federal grants were cut off because of "homoerotic" content in their work (MH)
Flipper [dolphin] (____-____) dolphins are polymorphously perverse (TM)
Flowers, Wayland [m] (1939-1988) U.S. entertainer (GGG Jun 90)
Floyd, Gary [m] leader of Sister Double Happiness (MH)
Flynn, Errol [m] (1909-1959) U.S. actor (AA)
Forbes, Malcolm [m] (1919-1990) U.S. publisher (GGG Oct 91)
Forster, E.M. [m] (1879-1970) British author (BOL, AA, GGG Dec 88, TM)
Foster, Jodie [f] (1962- ) U.S. actress (TM, MH-not)
Foster, Stephen [m] (1826-1864) U.S. composer (AA)
Foucault, Michel [m] (1926-1984) French philosopher (AA)
Frank, Anne [f] (1929-1945) German diarist (AA)
Frank, Barney [m] (1940- ) U.S. congressman (GGG Jun 90, AA, TM, MH)
Frederick II (The Great) [m] (1712-1786) Prussian king (AA, BOL, GBOL-bro, GGG Dec 89, OOAT, NF, TM)
Fredrick II [m] (r: 1212-1250) Holy Roman Emperor (NF)
Freelove, Laurie of "Two Nice Girls" [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Fricke, Aaron [m] (1962- ) U.S. author (GGG Dec 92)
"Frogs, The" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Fry, Stephen [m] (____- ) British actor (Melchett in "Blackadder") (TM)
Gacy, John [m] (1942-1994) U.S. serial killer (NSGGG Oct 89)
Gaozu [m] (r: 206-194 BC) Chinese emperor (NF)
Garbo, Greta [f] (1905-____) U.S. actress (TM)
Garet, Jedd [m] artist (MH)
Gearhart, Sally [f] professor, writer and activist (MH)
Geffen, David [m] (____- ) U.S. head of the Geffen Corporation (TM, MH)
Genet, Jean [m] (1910-1986) French author (GGG Jul 90, BOL, AA, TM)
Germino, Dante [m] professor and political theorist (MH)
Getty, Gordon [m] classical composer (MH)
Gide, Andre [m] (1869-1951) French author (BOL, AA, OOAT, TM)
Gielgud, John [m] (1904- ) British actor (GGG Feb 89, TM, MH)
Gilbert and George, visual artists (MH)
Gilbert, Ronnie [ ] folksinger, member of The Weavers (MH)
Gill, Patrick (and Craig Dean) [m] male couple suing D.C. government for a marriage license (MH)
Gilles de Rais [m] (1404-1440) French general (AA)
Gilmore, Gary [m] (1941-1977) U.S. murderer (GBOL-once)
Ginsberg, Allan [m] (1926- ) U.S. poet (BOL, GGG Sep 90, TM, MH)
Glanville-Hicks, Peggy [f] classical composer (MH)
Gless, Sharon [f] (1943- ) U.S. actress (TM)
Glick, Deborah [f] New York state legislator (MH)
Glines, John [m] Broadway producer (MH)
Gomes, Rev. John [m] chaplain of Harvard University (MH)
Gomez, Jewelle [f] writer (MH)
Goodman, Paul [m] (1911-1972) U.S. writer (AA)
Gordon, George, Lord Byron [m] (1788-1824) British poet (AA, BOL, GGG Feb 89, TM)
Goytisolo, Juan [m] Spanish novelist (MH)
Grace, Nicholas [m] (____- ) U.S? actor (TM)
Grainger, Percy [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Grant, Cary [m] (1904-1986) U.S. actor (GGG Dec 89, TM)
Graves, Michael [m] (1934- ) U.S. architect and interior designer (TM)
Grewel, Annemarie [f] Dutch politician and scholar (MH)
Grieg, Edvard [m] (1843-1907) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Grier, Barbara [f] writer and publisher (MH)
Griffin, Merv [m] singer, talk-show host and entertainment executive (MH-not)
Grimke, Angelina Weld [f] (1880-1958) U.S. writer (AA)
Grumbach, Doris [f] writer and critic (MH)
Guerin, Daniel [m] French journalist (MH)
Gunn, Thom [m] poet (MH)
Gurganus, Allan [m] novelist (Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All) (MH)
Gustavus III [m] (1746-1792) Swedish king (BOL, TM)
Gustavus V [m] (r: 1907-1950) Swedish king (NF)
Hacker, Marilyn [f] poet (MH)
Hadrian [m] (AD 76-138) Roman emperor (AA, BOL, OOAT, NF, TM)
Hafiz (Shams-ud-din Mohammed) [m] (1320-1388) Persian poet (GGG Aug 91)
Halford, Rob, of "Judas Priest" [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Hall, Daryl [m] (1948- ) U.S. pop singer (GBOL-once)
Halloran, Andrew [m] novelist (MH)
Halsted, Fred [m] (1941-1989) U.S. erotic-film maker (GGG May 90)
Hammarskjold, Dag [m] (1905-1961) Swedish UN secretary general (BOL, AA, TM)
Hampton, Christopher [m] playwright (MH)
Hansberry, Lorraine [f] (1930-1965) U.S. playwright (AA)
Hardwicke, Michael [m] challenged Georgia's sodomy law; the U.S. Supreme Court, on a 5-4 vote, upheld the law in 1986 (MH)
Haring, Keith [m] (1958-1990) U.S. artist (TM)
Harjo, Joy [f] Native American poet (recently visited U.Va.) (MH)
Harmodius [m] (532?-514 BC) Athenian patriot (AA)
Harris, Sherry [f] Seattle City Council member; first African-American lesbian elected official in U.S. (MH)
Harrison, Lou [m] classical composer (MH)
Hattoy, Bob [m] adviser to Bill Clinton; spoke at Democratic convention (MH)
Hawkins, Sophie B. [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Hay, Harry [m] founder of the modern gay-rights movement (MH)
Hayes, Bruce [m] Olympic gold medallist in swimming (MH)
Hemphill, Essex [m] (____-____) U.S. writer (TM, MH)
Henri III [m] (1554-1589) French king (OOAT, NF, GGG Dec 92)
Henry, Prince of Prussia [m] (1726-1802) Prussian general (AA)
Henze, Hans Werner [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Herzenberg, Joseph [m] mayor pro-tem of Chapel Hill, N.C. (MH)
Higgins, Colin [m] (1941-1988) U.S. film writer, producer & director (AA)
Hinson, Jon [m] (1942- ) U.S. congressman (AA, MH)
Hirschfeld, Magnus [m] (1868-1935) German sexologist (AA, GGG May 91)
Hisham II [m] (r: 965-1013) Cordoban ruler (NF)
Hockney, David [m] (1937- ) British/U.S. artist (TM, MH)
Hoffman, William S. [m] (____- ) U.S? writer "As Is" (TM, MH)
Holleran, Andrew [m] (1946- ) U.S. writer (GBOL-forces)
Hoover, J. Edgar [m] (1895-1972) U.S. criminologist (AA, NSGGG Apr 91)
Hopkins, Gerard Manley [m] (1844-1889) British poet (GGG Aug 92)
Horton, Jeff [m] member of Los Angeles School Board (MH)
Housman, A.E. [m] (1859-1936) British poet & educator (AA, GBOL-bro)
Houston, Whitney [f] (____- ) U.S. gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Howard, Richard [m] poet, translator and editor (MH)
Hudson, Rock (ne Roy Scherer) [m] (1925-1985) U.S. actor (AA, GBOL-forces, TM)
Hughes, Langston [m] (1902-1967) U.S. poet & writer (AA)
Hulce, Tom [m] (1953- ) U.S. actor (TM, MH)
"Human League" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Hunter, Alberta [f] (1895-1984) U.S. vocalist (AA)
Hunter, Holly [f] One of the "NEA Four", performance artists whose federal grants were cut off because of "homoerotic" content in their work (MH)
Hunter, Tab [m] (1931- ) U.S. actor (TM)
Hutter, David [m] painter (MH)
Hutton, Kate [m] seismologist (MH)
Hyde, Edward (Lord Cornbury) [m] (1661-1724) Br colonial governor (AA)
Hyde, Sue [f] (____- ) U.S. activist (TM)
Ian, Janis [f] singer (MH)
Indiana, Robert [m] artist (MH)
"Indigo Girls" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Inge, William [m] (1913-1973) U.S. playwright (GGG Nov 91)
Ireland, Patricia [f] president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) (MH)
Isherwood, Christopher [m] (1904-1986) U.S. writer (b. England) (AA, BOL, OOAT, TM)
Ivory, James [m] British film producer (MH)
Jackson, Joe [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Jackson-Paris, Rod [m] pro model/bodybuilder (MH)
Jacobs, Marc [m] fashion designer (MH)
Jahangir [m] (r: 1605-1627) Indian emperor (NF)
James IV/I [m] (1566-1625) Scottish/English king (NF, BOL, GGG Feb 90. OOAT, AA, TM)
James, Sheila [f] (____- ) U.S. actress (Zelda on "Dobie Gillis") (TM)
Jarman, Derek [m] (1942-1994) British filmmaker "Edward II" (TM, MH)
Jenkins, Walter [m] (1918-1985) U.S. political aide (AA)
Jesus of Nazareth [m] (4 BC-AD 28) Jewish rabbi (OOAT)
Jewett, Sarah Orne [f] (1849-1909) U.S. writer (OOAT)
Jin Diyi [m] (r: AD 336-371) Chinese emperor (NF)
John, Elton [m] (1947- ) British singer (BOL, TM, LS, MH)
John XII [m] (AD 937-964) Catholic pope (GBOL-popes, OOAT)
Johns, Jasper [m] artist (MH)
Johnson, Holly [f] lead singer of "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" (MH, LS)
Johnson, Philip [m] (____-____) U.S? architect (TM, MH)
Johnson, Sonia [f] feminist, minor-party presidential candidate (MH)
Jonathan [m] (1045?-1013 BC) Israeli crown prince (AA, GGG Apr 92, OOAT)
Jones, Bill T. [m] African-American dancer (MH)
Jones, Cleve [m] initiator of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, now running for San Francisco city supervisor (MH)
Jones, Grace [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Jones, Howard [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Joplin, Janis [f] (1943-1970) U.S. rock singer (GBOL-once, BOL, TM)
Juan II [m] (r: 1406-1454) King of Castile & Leon (Spain) (NF)
Julius Caesar [m] (100?-44 BC) Roman statesman (AA, GGG Apr 92, NF, BOL, TM)
Julius II [m] (1443-1513) Pope (GGG May 92)
Julius III [m] (1487-1555) Pope (AA, BOL, OOAT, GBOL-popes, TM)
Jung, Carl [m] (1875-1961) Swiss founder analytical psychology (GBOL-once)
Kameny, Frank [m] longtime activist; first openly gay person to run for Congress (1971) (MH)
Kamran [m] (r: early 19th C) Afghani emir (NF)
Kantrowitz, Arnie [m] writer, teacher and activist (MH)
Katz, Jonathan Ned [m] historian (MH)
Kaye, Danny (ne David Daniel Kaminsky) [m] (1913-1987) U.S. actor (GGG Oct 92, Spoto)
Kelly, Dennis [m] poet (MH)
Kemp, Jack [m] (1935- ) U.S. politician (AA "rumors")
Kenny, Maurice [m] poet (MH)
Kert, Larry [m] (1930-1991) U.S. stage actor (GGG Apr 92)
Keynes, John Maynard [m] (1883-1946) British economist (AA, BOL, TM)
King, Billie Jean [f] (1943- ) U.S. tennis pro (GBOL-once, AA, TM, MH)
"King Missile" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
King, William Rufus de Vane [m] (1786-1853) U.S. politician (AA)
Kitchener, Horatio Herbert [m] (1850-1916) English general (AA, GGG Dec 92)
"Kitchens of Distinction" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Klein, Calvin [m] (1942- ) U.S. fashion designer (TM)
Kopay, David [m] (1942- ) U.S. athlete (NFL football) (AA, TM, MH)
Kramer, Larry [m] (____- ) U.S. writer-activist (TM, MH)
Kray, Ronald [m] (1933- ) English gangster (TM)
Krohnke, Friedrich [m] German writer (MH)
Krupp, Friederich [m] (1854-1902) German industrialist (AA)
Kureishi, Hanif [m] novelist and screenwriter (My Beautiful Laundrette; Sammy and Rosie Get Laid) (MH)
Kuzmin, Mikhail [m] (1875-1936) Russian poet (AA)
La Fosse, Robert [m] (1959- ) U.S. ballet dancer (GGG Sep 92)
Laaksonen, Touko "Tom of Finland" [m] (1920-1991) Finnish artist (GGG May 92)
Laettner, Christian [m] Duke U basketball star (MH-not)
Lakich, Lili [f] artist (MH)
lang, k.d. [f] (1961- ) Canadian singer (Advocate 1992, TM, LS, MH)
Laughton, Charles [m] (1899-1962) British actor (AA, TM)
Lavner, Lynn [f] comedian (MH)
Lawrence, Thomas Edward "of Arabia" [m] (1888-1935) Br adventurer (OOAT, AA, BOL, TM)
Leavitt, David [m] (1961- ) U.S. author "The Lost Language of Cranes" (TM, MH)
Lebowitz, Fran [f] writer and satirist (MH)
LeGuin, Ursula [f] novelist (MH)
Lekakis, Paul [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Lennox, Annie [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Leo X [m] (1475-1521) Catholic pope (GBOL-popes, OOAT)
Leopold, Nathan [m] (1906-1971) U.S. murder (with Loeb, Ric.) (NSGGG Oct 89)
Leppard, Raymond [m] classical composer (MH)
LeVay, Simon [m] medical researcher; found physiological differences between brains of gay and straight men (MH)
Levertov, Denise [f] poet (MH)
Levi, Jeffrey [m] (____- ) U.S. activist NGLTF (TM, MH)
Lian Jianwen [m] (r: AD 550-551) Chinese emperor (NF)
Liberace, Wladziu Valentino [m] (1919-1987) U.S. showman (AA, GGG Jul 90, LS)
Liebman, Marvin [m] conservative activist, top aide to William F. Buckley (MH)
Lindsay, Vachel [m] (1879-1931) U.S. poet (GGG Jun 90)
Little Richard, [m] rock singer (*but* claims a Christian conversion expelled his homosexuality) (MH)
Livingston, Jenny [f] filmmaker (Paris Is Burning) (MH)
Locke, Alain [m] (1886-1954) U.S. writer (AA)
Locke, Richard [m] (1941- ) U.S. gay-porn star (GBOL-bro, GBOL-forces)
Loeb, Richard [m] (1907-1936) U.S. murder (with Leopold, Nat.) (NSGGG Oct 89)
Lorde, Audre [f] (1934- ) U.S. writer-activist (AA, TM, MH)
Loud, Lance [m] columnist; came out to his family on TV during 1973 PBS documentary series "An American Family" (MH)
Louganis, Greg [m] (1960- ) U.S. olympic diver (TM, MH)
Louis XIII [m] (1601-1643) French king (AA, NF)
Louise, Tina [f] (1934- ) U.S. actress (TM)
"Love and Rockets" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
"Love Tractor" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Lovett, Lyle [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Lowell, Amy [f] (1874-1925) U.S. poet (AA)
Lucius Cornelius Sulla [m] (138-78 BC) Roman Emperor (GGG Aug 92)
Ludwig II [m] (1845-1886) Bavarian king (AA, OOAT, NF)
Lully, Jean-Baptiste [m] (1632-1687) French composer (BOL, TM)
Lynde, Paul [m] (1926-1982) U.S. actor (TM)
Lyon, Phyllis [f] co-founder of the Daughters of Bilitis, first lesbian organization in the U.S. (MH)
MacDowell, Malcolm [m] Br. actor. an endless rumor about the gay droog panther (TM)
MacKaye, Ian, of "Minor Threat" [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Mackintosh, Cameron [m] (1946- ) British theatrical producer (GGG Dec 91)
Maclean, Donald [m] British spy (MH)
Madonna [f] (1958- ) U.S. gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Magnus VII [m] (1316-1373) Swedish king of Norway (GGG Jul 92)
Mahmud [m] (r: 997-1030) Ghazni (Afghani) emperor (NF)
Mapplethorpe, Robert [m] (1947-1989) U.S. photographer (GGG Feb 90)
Marais, Jean [m] French actor (MH)
Margoyles, Miriam [f] actress (MH)
Marlowe, Christopher [m] (1564-1593) British playwright (BOL, AA, OOAT, GGG Nov 90, TM)
Martin, Del [f] co-founder of the Daughters of Bilitis, first lesbian organization in the U.S. (MH)
Mass, Lawrence [m] (1946- ) U.S. doctor and writer (GGG Apr 92)
Mastroianni, Marcello [m] (1924- ) Italian actor (GBOL-once)
Mathis, Johnny [m] (1935- ) U.S. singer-composer (GGG Dec 88, MH)
Matlovich, Leonard [m] (1942- ) U.S. gay rights activist (GBOL-forces, GGG Jun 89)
Matusak, John [m] (____- ) U.S. wrestler (TM)
Maugham, W. Somerset [m] (1874-1965) British author (GGG Jun 89, AA)
Maupin, Armistead [m] (____- ) U.S. writer of "Tales of the City" serials (TM, MH)
Maxey, Glen [m] Texas state legislator (MH)
Mayes, Bernard [m] Episcopal priest, journalist, founding chairman of National Public Radio, now Asst. Dean of U.Va. College of Arts and Sciences (MH)
McCarthy, Joseph [m] (____-1957) U.S. congressman (OOAT, TM)
McCoy, Rev. Renee [f] African-American minister and activist (MH)
McCullers, Carson [m] (1917-1967) U.S. writer (GBOL-once)
McDermott, David [m] artist (MH)
McDowell, Roddy [m] (1928- ) British actor and ape (TM)
McFeeley, Tim [m] head of the Human Rights Campaign Fund (MH)
McFerrin, Bobby [m] (____- ) U.S. gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
McGillis, Kelly [f] (____- ) U.S. actor (TM)
McGough, Peter [m] artist (MH)
McKellen, Ian [m] (1939- ) British actor (GGG Sep 91, MH)
McKuen, Rod [m] (1933- ) U.S. poet (AA, GBOL-once, MH)
McNaught, Brian [m] writer (MH)
McNeill, Rev. John J. [m] Jesuit priest, scholar and writer (MH)
McNichol, Kristy [f] (1962- ) U.S. actress (TM, MH-not)
Mead, Margaret [f] (1901-1978) U.S. anthropologist (AA)
Mead, Taylor [m] poet and actor (MH)
Medley, Robert [m] painter (MH)
Mehmed (Muhammad) II [m] (r: 1451-1481) Ottoman sultan (NF)
Meigs, Mary [f] painter (MH)
Melchior, Lauritz [m] (1890-1973) Danish opera singer (GGG Oct 91)
Meldrum, Ian "Molly" [m] (____- ) Australian media personality (TM)
Melville, Herman [m] (1819-1891) U.S. author (GGG Aug 89, AA, OOAT)
Menotti, Gian Carlo [m] opera composer (MH)
Merchant, Ismail [m] British film producer (MH)
Mercury, Freddie [m] (____-1992) British singer from "Queen" (TM, LS)
Meredith, William [m] poet (MH)
Merrick, Gordon [m] (1916-1988) U.S. author (GGG Feb 89)
Merrill, James Ingram [m] poet (MH)
Michael II [m] (r: AD 741-775) Byzantine emperor (NF)
Michaels, Duane [m] photographer (MH)
Michelangelo Buonarroti [m] (1475-1564) Italian artist (AA)
Migden, Carole [f] San Francisco city supervisor (MH)
Milk, Harvey [m] (1930-1978) U.S. politician (AA, GBOL-forces, TM)
Millay, Edna St. Vincent [f] (1892-1950) U.S. poet (AA)
Miller, Merle [m] (1919-1986) U.S. writer (AA, BOL, GBOL-forces, TM)
Miller, Tim [m] One of the "NEA Four", performance artists whose federal grants were cut off because of "homoerotic" content in their work (MH)
Millet, Kate [f] (1934- ) U.S. author (BOL, TM, MH)
Millington, June [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Milton, John [m] (1608-1674) British author (BOL, TM)
Minkowitz, Donna [f] (____- ) U.S. Pulitzer nominee (TM, MH)
Mishima, Yukio [m] (1925-1970) Japanese writer (AA, GGG Jan 90)
Moliere [m] (1622-1673) French dramatist (AA)
Monette, Paul [m] novelist (MH)
Moorehead, Agnes [m] (1906-1974) U.S. actress (TM)
Moraga, Cherrie [f] writer (MH)
Morris, Mark [m] dancer and choreographer (MH)
Morrissey [m] (____- ) Musician, of "The Smiths" (LS, MH)
Mosbacher, Dee [f] activist; daughter of President Bush's campaign chairman and Secretary of Commerce (MH)
Mould, Bob /Husker Du/Sugar [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Moyet, Alison [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Murphy, Peter [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Mwanga [m] (r: 1884-1897) Bugandan (Ugandan) king (NF)
Nabors, Jim [m] (1933- ) U.S. actor (TM)
Navarre, Yves [m] French novelist (MH)
Navratilova, Martina [f] (1956- ) tennis player (various, TM, MH)
Near, Holly [f] (1949- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS, MH)
Nero [m] (r: AD 54-68) Roman emperor (NF)
Nerva [m] (r: Ad 96-98) Roman emperor (NF)
Nestle, Joan [f] writer (MH)
Newman, John Henry Cardinal [m] (1801-1890) Br religious leader (GGG Jan 92)
Nicholson, Harold [m] (1886-1968) British author-diplomat (BOL, TM)
Nicomedes IV [m] (r: early first century BC) Bithynian king (NF)
Nightingale, Florence [f] (1820-1910) British nurse (AA)
Nijinsky, Vaslav [m] (1890-1950) Polish ballet dancer (GGG Jan 92, AA, BOL, TM)
Nkoli, Simon [m] South African anti-apartheid activist (MH)
Noble, Elaine [f] first openly lesbian or gay person elected to a state legislature (Massachusetts, 1974) (MH)
Norse, Harold [m] poet (MH)
Novak, Kim [f] (1933- ) U.S. actress (TM)
Novarro, Ramon [m] (1899-1968) Mexican-U.S. silent movie actor (GGG Oct 88, TM)
Nugent, Richard Bruce [m] writer and artist (MH)
Nureyev, Rudolf [m] (____-1993) ballet star (MH)
Ochs, Robyn [ ] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Oda Nobunaga [m] (r: 1568-1582) Japanese military dictator (NF)
O'Dowd, Frank [m] (1951-1988) U.S. skater and tv producer (GGG Apr 92)
O'Hara, Frank [m] (1926-1966) U.S. poet (GBOL-forces)
Oliver, Mary [f] Pulitzer Prize-winning poet (MH)
Oliveros, Pauline [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Olivier, Lord Lawrence [m] (1907-1989) British actor (Spoto, GGG Dec 92)
Olson, Donald [m] writer (MH)
Orlovsky, Peter [m] (1933- ) U.S. poet (GBOL-forces)
Orton, Joe [m] (1933-1967) British playwright (AA, GGG Jan 90)
Ostertag, Bob [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Otho [m] (r: January-April AD 69) Roman emperor (NF)
Otto III [m] (AD 980-1002) German Holy Roman Emperor (GGG Jul 92)
Paglia, Camille [f] (1947- ) U.S. writer "Sexual Personae" (TM, MH)
Pallone, David [m] (____- ) U.S. ex-baseball umpire (TM, MH)
Palomo, Juan [m] newspaper columnist (MH)
-Paris, Bob Jackson- [m] (1960- ) U.S. pro model/bodybuilder (GGG Sep 91, TM, MH)
Parker, Al (Andrew Robert Okun) [m] (1952-1992) U.S. erotic-film maker (GGG Nov 91)
Pasolini, Pier Paolo [m] (1922-1975) Italian film director (AA, BOL, GGG Mar 91, TM)
Patrick, Robert [m] (1937- ) U.S? playwright "Kennedy's Children" (TM, MH)
Paul II [m] (1417-1471) Catholic pope (GBOL-popes, OOAT)
Paxton, Ross [m] artist (MH)
Pears, Peter [m] (1910-1986) British tenor (AA, TM)
Penteado, Darcy [m] Brazilian writer (MH)
Perkins, Anthony [m] (1932-1992) U.S. actor (GBOL-once)
Perry, Rev. Troy [m] (1940- ) U.S. M.C.C. founder (GBOL-forces, GGG Dec 91, MH)
"Pet Shop Boys, The" British musical group (LS, MH-not)
Peter the Great [m] (1672-1725) Russian czar (BOL, TM)
Peters, Robert [m] poet, critic and teacher (MH)
Peyrefitte, Roger [m] French writer (MH)
Phillips, Paul [m] of "Romanofsky and Phillips," folksinger (MH, LS)
Phranc [m] (____- ) Folksinger (LS, MH)
Pierce, Charles [m] female impersonator (MH)
Pindar [m] (518-438 BC) Greek lyric poet (GGG Mar 91)
Pinto, Jody [ ] artist (MH)
Plato [m] (427?-347 BC) Athenian philosopher (AA, GGG Oct 90)
Platt, Minnie Bruce [ ] poet and teacher (MH)
Pop, Iggy [m] rock star (MH)
Porter, Cole [m] (1891-1964) U.S. songwriter (GGG Aug 88, TM, LS)
Posner, Jill [f] photographer (MH)
Power, Tyrone [m] (1913-1958) U.S. actor (GBOL-forces)
Praunheim, Rosa von [m] German filmmaker (MH)
"Pretenders" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Price, Deb [f] Gannett newspapers columnist (MH)
Price, Edward Reynolds [m] novelist (MH)
Proust, Marcel [m] (1871-1922) French author (BOL, AA, GGG Oct 90, TM)
Pruitt, Dusty [f] sued military for reinstatement after expulsion for being gay (MH)
Przhevalsky, Nikolai [m] (1839-1888) Russian explorer (AA)
Ptolemy IV [m] (r: 145-144 BC) Greek king (NF)
Ptolemy VII [m] (r: 221-205 BC) Greek king (NF)
Quaintance, George [m] (1915-1957) U.S. artist (GGG Aug 88)
Quantz, J.J. [ ] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Radice, Anne-Imelda [f] acting head of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), appointed by President Bush (MH)
Rainey, Ma (Gertrude Pridgett) [f] (1886-1939) U.S. vocalist (AA, LS)
Rama VI [m] (r: 1910-1925) Thai king (NF)
Rasputin [m] (____-1916) Russian monk (OOAT)
Rechy, John [m] (1934- ) U.S. writer (GBOL-forces, MH)
Reed, Lou [m] rock star, of "Velvet Underground" (*but* now says he was just experimenting) (MH, LS)
"REM" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Renault, Mary [f] (1905-1983) British writer (AA)
Reno, [ ] comedian (MH)
"Rhiannon" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Rich, Adrienne [f] novelist (MH)
Richard I, the Lion Hearted [m] (1157-1199) English king (GGG Jan 92, BOL, NF, AA, TM)
Richard II [m] (1367-1400) English king (BOL, GGG Sep 92, TM)
Rickter, Sviatoslav [m] Russian pianist (MH)
Riggs, Marlon [m] (1957-1994) U.S. film-maker ("Tongues Untied") (TM, MH)
Rimbaud, Arthur [m] (1854-1891) French poet (AA, BOL, TM)
Ritts, Herb [m] (1952- ) U.S. photographer (TM, MH)
Rivers, Larry [m] painter and sculptor (MH)
Robbins, Harold [m] (1916- ) U.S. writer (GBOL-once)
Robespierre, Maximilien de [m] (1758-1794) French statesman (AA)
Robinson, Svend [m] (____- ) Canadian member of parliament (various, MH)
Robinson, Tom [m] singer/songwriter (MH)
Roditi, Edouard Herbert [m] writer (MH)
Rohm, Ernst [m] (1887-1934) German militarist (AA, BOL, OOAT, NSGGG Oct 89, TM)
Rolfe, Frederick, Baron Corvo [m] (1860-1913) British author (BOL, TM)
Romanofsky, Ron [m] of "Romanofsky and Phillips", folksinger (MH, LS)
Roosevelt, Eleanor [f] (1884-1962) U.S. first lady (OOAT, AA, GGG Jun 92)
Rorem, Ned [m] (1923- ) U.S. composer (AA, TM, MH)
Rowse, A. L. [ ] historian (MH)
Roy [m] of "Siegfried and Roy," comedian (MH, TM)
Rubinstein, William [m] gay-rights lawyer (MH)
Rudolf II [m] (r:1572/5/6-1608/11/12) Hungarian k/Bohemian k/H.R.Emperor (NF)
Rule, Jane [f] writer (MH)
Rumi, Jalal-Ud Din [m] (1207-1273) Persian poet (GGG Sep 91)
Russ, Joanna [f] feminist and science-fiction writer (MH)
Russo, Vito [m] (1946-1990) U.S. writer (GGG Apr 92)
Rustin, Bayard (1910-1987) U.S. civil rights activist (AA)
Rutherford, Paul [m] singer, "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" (MH, LS)
Sabato, Larry [m] political analyst and professor (MH-not)
Sackville-West, Victoria [f] (1892-1962) British author (BOL, TM)
Sade, Count Donatien Alphonse Francois de (Marquis de Sade) [m] (1740-1814) French writer (AA, NSGGG Apr 91)
"Saffire the Uppity Blues Women" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Saint-Laurent, Yves [m] fashion designer (MH)
Saint-Saens [m] (1835-1921) French composer (GGG Jun 91)
Sappho [f] (613?-565? BC) Greek poet (OOAT, AA, BOL, TM)
Sargent, Dick [m] (1933-1994) U.S. actor (various, TM, MH)
Sarria, Jose [m] drag entertainer; first openly gay candidate for public office in U.S. history (San Francisco, 1961) (MH)
Sarton, May [f] writer (MH)
Saslow, James M. [m] (1947- ) U.S. author (GGG Apr 92)
Satie, Erik [m] (1866-1925) French composer (TM)
Schatz, Ben [m] gay-rights lawyer (MH)
Scheinberg, Sidney [m] entertainment executive (MH-not)
Schlafly, John [m] son of anti-gay conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly and lawyer for her Eagle Forum organization (MH)
Schlesinger, John [m] (1926- ) British film director (GGG Oct 91, MH)
Schneider, Maria [f] actress (Last Tango in Paris) (MH)
Schubert, Franz [m] (1797-1828) Austrian composer (GGG May 91, LS)
Schulman, Sarah [f] (1958- ) U.S. novelist (GGG Jun 92)
Schulte, Steve [m] (1946- ) U.S. politician (AA)
Schuyler, James [m] poet (MH)
Scondras, David [m] Boston City Council member (MH)
Sebastian, Saint [m] (____-____) catholic Saint (TM)
Sebktigin [m] (10th Cen.) Ghaznavid Empire (Afghanistan) founder (NF)
Selleck, Tom [m] actor (MH-not)
Serrault, Michael [m] (1928- ) French actor (GBOL-once)
Shakespeare, William [m] (1564-1616) English playwright (AA "no proof")
Sher, Antony [m] actor (MH)
Shilts, Randy [m] journalist (The Mayor of Castro Street; And the Band Played On) (MH)
Shipp, John Wesley [m] (____- ) U.S. actor ("The Flash") (TM)
Shocked, Michelle [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS "maybe")
Siegfried [m] of "Siegfried and Roy," comedian (MH, TM)
Signorile, Michelangelo [m] U.S. journalist-activist, co-founder of Queer Nation (MH)
Silva, Aguinaldo [m] Brazilian writer (MH)
Sischy, Ingrid [f] (____- ) U.S. editor, INTERVIEW (TM, MH)
Sixtus IV (Francisco della Rovere) [m] (1414-1484) pope (OOAT, GBOL-popes)
Small, Fred [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Small, Judy [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Smith, Bessie [f] (1898?-1937) U.S. vocalist (AA, BOL, TM)
Smith, Christopher [m] member of the British Parliament (MH)
Socrates [m] (469?-399 BC) Athenian philosopher (AA, BOL, GGG Aug 89, TM)
Sodoma, Il (Giovanni Antonio Bazzi) [m] (1477-1549) Ital painter (GGG Apr 92)
"Soft Cell" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Sommerville, Jimmy [m] pop singer (Bronski Beat, The Communards) (MH, LS)
Sophocles [m] (496-406 BC) Greek tragedian (GGG May 90, BOL, TM)
Southerland, Lori [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Spada, James [m] writer (MH)
Spear, Allan [m] Minnesota state senator (MH)
Spender, Stephen [m] poet and critic (MH)
Sperr, Martin [m] German writer (MH)
Stael, Madame de [f] (1766-1817) French author (BOL, TM)
Stambolian, George [m] (1937-1991) U.S. writer/editor (GGG Jul 92)
Steffan, Joe [m] top Naval Academy cadet expelled for being gay, now suing for reinstatement (MH)
Stein, Gertrude [f] (1864-1946) U.S. writer (AA, OOAT, BOL, GGG Jun 92, TM)
Steward, Samuel "Phil Andros", writer (MH)
Stipe, Michael [m] lead singer of R.E.M. (MH-not)
Stoddard, Tom [m] gay-rights lawyer (MH)
Strachey, Lytton [m] (1880-1932) British biographer and critic (AA)
Stryker, Jeff [m] star of gay, straight and bi porno films (MH)
Studds, Gerry E. [m] (1937- ) U.S. politician (AA, TM, MH)
Suleiman the Magnificent [m] (1495?-1566) Ottoman emperor (OOAT)
Sullivan, Andrew [m] (____- ) U.S. editor: The New Republic (TM, MH)
Sullivan, Sir Arthur [m] (1842-1900) British composer (AA, GGG Jan 90)
Swann, Glenn [m] (1959- ) U.S. gay-porn star (GBOL-forces)
Sweeney, Terry [m] comedian (Saturday Night Live's Nancy Reagan) (MH)
"Sweet Honey in the Rock" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Swinburne, Algernon [m] (1837-1909) British poet (BOL, AA, TM)
Sylvester [m] (1946-1988) U.S. entertainer (GGG Sep 90, LS)
Symonds, John Addington [m] (1840-1893) British essayist & critic (AA, GGG Feb 90)
Takahashi, Mutsuo [m] Japanese poet (MH)
Takei, George [m] (____- ) U.S. actor (Mr Sulu in "Star Trek") (TM)
Tardi, Carla [f] artist (MH)
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich (1840-1893) Russian composer (OOAT, AA, GBOL-bro, BOL, TM, LS)
Teasdale, Sara [f] (1884-1933) U.S. poet (AA)
Tesla, Nikola [m] (1856-1943) Croatian scientist (GGG Apr 92)
Thomas, Betty [f] (1947- ) U.S. actress (TM)
Thompson, Dorothy [f] (1893-1961) U.S. journalist (AA)
Thompson, Karen [f] obtained custody of her disabled lover Sharon Kowalski after six-year court battle (MH)
Thompson, Scott [m] Canadian comedian (The Kids in the Hall) (MH)
"Thompson Twins" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Thorne, Lt. j.g. Tracy [f] U.S. Navy officer who came out on Nightline, now fighting expulsion (MH)
"Thrill Kill Kult" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Tiberius [m] (r: AD 14-37) Roman emperor (NF)
Tikaram, Tanita [ ] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS "maybe")
Tilden, William "Big Bill" [m] (1893-1953) U.S. tennis player (GGG Oct 88, BOL, AA, TM)
Tiny Tim [m] (1925- ) U.S. performer (GBOL-once)
Tippett, Mickael [m] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Toklas, Alice B. [f] (1877-1967) U.S. author-cook (BOL, TM)
Tokugawa Iemitsu [m] (r: 1622-1651) Japanese shogun (NF)
Tokugawa Tsunayoshi [m] (r: 1680-1709) Japanese shogun (NF)
Tolstoy, Leo [m] (1828-1910) Russian author (TM)
Tomlin, Lilly [f] (1939- ) U.S. entertainer (TM, MH-not)
Tournier, Michel [m] French writer (MH)
Townshend, Pete [m] (____- ) British musician, "The Who" (LS, MH)
Trajan [m] (r: AD 98-117) Roman emperor (NF)
Travanti, Daniel J. [m] (1940- ) U.S. actor (TM)
Travolta, John [m] (1954- ) U.S. actor and Scientologist (TM, MH-not)
Tress, Arthur [m] photographer (MH)
Tripp, C. A. [m] psychologist (author, The Homosexual Matrix) (MH)
Tryon, Tom [m] (1926-1991) U.S. actor-author (GGG Oct 92)
Tune, Tommy [m] Tony-winning Broadway singer/actor (MH)
Turing, Alan M. [m] (1912-1954) British mathematician (AA, GGG Sep 90, TM)
Tyler, Robin [f] comedian, producer and activist (MH)
"U2" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Ulrichs, Karl Heinrich [m] (1825-1895) German lawyer & gay right activist (AA, GGG Dec 88)
Vaid, Urvashi [ ] head of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (MH)
Valentian III [m] (r: AD 425-455) Roman emperor (NF)
Valentino, Rudolph [m] (1895-1926) Italian-U.S. actor (AA)
Van Sant, Gus [m] (____- ) U.S. filmmaker (TM, MH)
Vega, Suzanne [f] (____- ) Gay/gay-positive musician (LS)
Verlaine, Paul [m] (1844-1896) French poet (BOL, TM)
Vidal, Gore [m] (1925- ) U.S. writer (TM, MH)
"Village People, The" [m,m,m,m] The members of the band (MH)
Visconti, Luchino [m] (1906-1976) Italian film director (AA)
Vivien, Renee [f] (1877-1909) French writer (AA)
"Voice Farm" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Voltaire [m] (1694-1778) French philosopher (GBOL-once)
von Humboldt, Alexander [m] (1769-1859) German naturalist (BOL, TM)
von Praunheim, Rosa [m] (1942- ) German filmmaker (GGG Aug 92)
von Romer, Lucien S.A.M. [m] (1873-1965) Dutch Sexologist (GGG May 92)
Waddell, Thomas [m] (1938-1987) U.S. athlete (AA, GGG Jun 91, GBOL-forces)
Wagner, Jane [f] playwright, life partner of Lily Tomlin (MH-not)
Walker, Alice [f] African-American novelist (MH-not)
Walpole, Horace [m] (1717-1797) British writer (AA)
Warhol, Andy [m] (1927-1987) U.S. artist (AA, GGG Oct 90, TM)
Washington, George [m] (1732-1799) U.S. president (AA "speculation")
"Washington Sisters, The" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Waters, John [m] filmmaker (Pink Flamingos; Polyester; Hairspray) (MH)
Watkins, Sgt. Perry (ret.), won Supreme Court case for reinstate-ment to Army after expulsion for being gay; African-American (MH)
Watney, Simon [m] (____- ) U.S? AIDS academic (TM)
Webb, Clifton [m] (1893-1966) U.S. actor (GGG Sep 92)
Weber, Bruce [m] (1942- ) U.S. photographer (TM)
Wei Wen [m] (r: AD 220-227) Chinese emperor (NF)
Weinberg, George [m] psychologist; coined the term "homophobia" in his book "Society and the Healthy Homosexual" (MH)
Welty, Eudora [f] (1909- ) U.S. writer (TM, MH)
Whale, James [m] (1896-1957) British-U.S. film director (GGG Feb 89, AA)
White, Edmund [m] (1940- ) U.S. author (GGG Dec 91, TM, MH)
Whitman, Walt [m] (1819-1892) U.S. poet (AA, BOL, GGG Nov 90, OOAT, TM)
Wieners, John [m] poet (MH)
Wilde, Dolly [f] (1899-1941) British wit (Oscar's niece) (AA)
Wilde, Oscar [m] (1854-1900) Irish dramatist & wit (AA, BOL, GGG Mar 91, TM)
Wilder, Thornton [m] (1897-1975) U.S. novelist (AA)
Wilhelm, Gale [f] novelist (MH)
William II Rufus [m] (1056-1100) English king (OOAT, AA, NF)
William III [m] (r: 1689-1702) British king (NF)
Williams, Jonathan [m] poet and teacher (MH)
Williams, Pete [m] Pentagon spokesman (MH-not)
Williams, Tennessee [m] (1911-1983) U.S. playwright (AA, BOL, TM)
Williamson, Chris [ ] (____- ) Folksinger (LS, MH)
Wilmer, Val [f] photographer and writer (MH)
Wilson, Millie [f] artist (MH)
Winant, Fran [f] artist (MH)
Winterson, Jeanette [f] novelist (MH)
Wittgenstein, Ludwig [m] (1889-1951) Austrian philosopher (AA)
Wittig, Monique [f] writer (MH)
Wollstonecraft, Mary [f] (1759-1797) British writer (AA)
Wong, B. D. [m] Tony-winning Broadway actor (M. Butterfly) (MH)
Woodlawn, Holly [f] actor in Andy Warhol films (MH)
Woolf, Virginia Stephens [f] (1882-1941) British writer (OOAT, BOL, AA. TM)
Woollcott, Alexander [m] (1887-1943) U.S. journalist & critic (AA)
Wu [m] (r: 140-86 BC) Chinese emperor (NF)
"XTC" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
"Yaz" Gay-positive/gay-membership musical group (LS)
Yourcenar, Marguerite [f] (1903-1987) French writer (AA, TM)
Zeno of Elea [m] (5th century BC) Greek philosopher (BOL, TM)