German States in the 19th Century

Key to Abbreviations

EH = Erzherzogtum (archduchy);
F = Fürstentum (principality);
FS = Freie Stadt (free city);
G = Grafschaft (county);
GH = Großherzogtum (grand duchy);
H = Herzogtum (duchy);
K = Königreich (kingdom);
Kais. = Kaiserreich (empire).
* = member state of the German Empire (1871-1918)
§ = postage stamp issuing state.
Numbered states were members of the Germanic Confederation (1815-1866)

The mediatized Prince of Thurn und Taxis (Thurn and Taxis) held concessions from most of the smaller states to operate postal services. Due to currency differences they were grouped into Northern and Southern districts. The postal service of Prussia operated in 1. Anhalt, 41. Waldeck and Birkenfeld principality in 24. Oldenburg.