Some Mystery Stamps

Can you help identify any of these mystery stamps? Any information, hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Email:

1. German Field Post?

  • Description: blue, black. Field Marshal Hindenburg?
  • Inscription: Feld Post
  • Denomination: none
  • Dimensions: 23mm x 30mm (imperf or rouletted?)

2. Norwegian Local?

  • Description: black on green paper. Shorescape.
  • Inscription: K L (lower left and right corners, respectively)
  • Denomination: none
  • Dimensions: 20mm x 24mm
  • Notes: on 1904 postcard from Narvik, Norway

3. Danish Local?

  • Description: red and blue. Map of Denmark
  • Denomination: none
  • Inscription: Lande-Værnet
    Dansk . Jord . Paa . Danske . Hænder . ("Danish Land [to remain] On Danish Hands".)
  • Dimensions: 26mm x 35mm
  • Notes: on envelope with Denmark stamps & Copenhagen airmail cancellation

    Lande-Værnet is a Danish organization whose aim is to preserve Danish farmland in Danish ownership. It was formed specifically to counteract significant German ownership of farmland in some Danish districts. The group operates chiefly through a credit union, financing the purchase of German-owned land. This label is almost certainly a propaganda label.

4. Polish Displaced Persons camp local?

  • Description: black. Crude design. Townscape (10). Ship and sea goddess (30).
  • Inscription: Poczta Obozuiid (30)
    Poczta Obozowa / Oboz viia (10)
  • Denomination: 10 & 30
  • Dimensions: 25mm x 36mm imperf. (10), 26mm x 35mm imperf. (30)
  • Notes: reprints?

These have been identified as likely reprints of Polish camp locals. Camp "VII A" was Murnau. Camp "II D" was Gross-Born.

5. Romanian Displaced Person camp local?

  • Description: blue and red on grey-blue paper. Star of David.
  • Inscription: Pentru Deportati
    A Deportaltakert
  • Denomination: 1000 Lei
  • Dimensions: 25mm x 32mm

6. Ukrainian Local?

  • Description: black on rose paper. Ballot box?
  • Inscription: Cyrillic. Rough transliteration: Narod SOBI Na Ukrani 1946
  • Denomination: 5
  • Dimensions: 25mm x 32mm

A correspondent writes: "This is a savings stamp issued in Blomberg (Germany) by the Ukrainian representative to the British Zone of Germany. It was issued in Nov. 1945 in five varieties of color and paper. Total printing was 40,000."