David Anthony Wyatt, B.Sc.

Academic Qualifications

Convocated Bachelor of Science (General) from the University of Alberta, 1983. Principal subject of concentration: Computing Science. Second subject of concentration: Physics. Other disciplines in which credits were awarded: Political Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Legal Relations, Cartography, and Linguistics.

Also completed graduate studies courses towards the Masters of City Planning program at the University of Manitoba. Studies include City Planning, Civil Engineering, Sociology, Geography, and Natural Resources.

Work Training

2013 - ITIL Foundations Certificate in IT Service Management

Work Experience

2011 - present

Unix System Administrator Computer & Network Services, Information Services & Technologies, The University of Manitoba.
System administrator for a heterogeneous Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS Linux/Oracle Solaris system comprised of more than 100 servers.

2007 - 2011

University of Manitoba WestGrid Site Lead. Information Services & Technologies, The University of Manitoba.
Administrator responsible for the configuration, installation and operation of a WestGrid computational cluster. System intended to serve a national community of academic researchers. Served as a member of the WestGrid Technical Site Leads Committee.

2001 - 2009

High Performance Computing Administrator. Academic Computing & Networking, Information Services & Technologies, The University of Manitoba.
Administrator responsible for a Sun Solaris parallel multiprocessor system. Solely responsible for hardware selection and configuration, operating system and operational reliability of a Sun Fire 6800 installation equipped with 24 processors, 48 gigabytes of memory, and nearly a terabyte of disk storage. System intended to serve select users with computationally intensive academic research. Served as a voting member of the High Performance Computing Resource Committee.

1997 - 2001

Unix System Administrator. Academic Computing & Networking, Information Services & Technologies, The University of Manitoba.
Second most senior system administrator for a Sun Solaris system comprised of more than 50 servers, 50 workstations and 120 XWindow Terminals. System hosts 13,000 - 15,000 users annually, providing computing and internet services to the faculty and students of the University. Participated in hiring committees, co-chaired administration teams for Unix servers and student drop-in computing labs. Member of the data management, administrative Unix, world wide web, and network services teams. Supervised student employees. Performed all hardware and hardware service purchasing for Sun Unix servers, Sun workstations and NCD Xterminals.

1993 - 1997

Unix Workstation Administrator. Computer Services, The University of Manitoba.
Responsible for the operation, maintenance, purchasing, and management of the University's X-Window-based student drop-in equipment, growing to more than 150 Sun SPARCstations and NCD XWindow terminals. Installed and managed Solaris (Sun Unix) operating system.

1992 - 1993

Program Administrator: Microcomputer Courses. Continuing Education Division, The University of Manitoba.
Responsibility for administrative functions relating to a wide range of microcomputer short courses and seminars, including customer and instructor liason, budgeting, scheduling, equipment, and courseware evaluation.

1991 - 1993

Computer Laboratory Manager. Continuing Education Division, The University of Manitoba.
Manager of computer lab facilities hosting an extensive range of continuing education programs including PC application software training, Novell Authorized Education, SCO Unix Authorized courses, and Drake Authorized Testing. Responsibilities included software installation, administration of an SCO Unix system, Novell NetWare and DEC Pathworks LANs, staff supervision, customer and supplier relations (including purchase requisitioning), and instructor support.

1989 - 1991

Advisor. User Services, Computer Services, The University of Manitoba.
Computer advisor to the U. of M. user community on all aspects of the MVS/TSO/Mantes, Unix, and Macintosh computer systems and software, and user-related AppleShare and MacJanet local area network problems. Also advised users of DOS facilities and Novell local area networks.

Taught Computer Services' two-hour and half-day courses on the local mainframe environment, Unix, text processing, and electronic mail. Assisted in the instruction of other courses.

During my supervisor's maternity leave, I was responsible for many of her duties, including software licencing, documentation updating, programming, user consulting, and limited staff supervision.

1986 - 1991

Researcher. Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada funded project to study and model the changing Canadian freight industry with respect to reformed trucking regulation.
Duties included scientific research as well as publication writing and editing. Work continued part time through academic terms and full time during summer months (some years). Eight research papers published in industry conference proceedings and learned journals.


Researcher. Government Members Office, Alberta Legislature.
Work included preparing briefs on matters of public interest, responding to the requirements of members or their constituents for assistance in dealing with government departments and agencies, preparing background files on private members' legislature initiatives, and preparing speeches and other material for use inside and outside of the assembly.

1983 - 1984

Edmonton District Manager. Computrex Centres Limited.
Managed the Edmonton office of Canada's (then) largest Computer Output Microfilm service company. Staff complement peaked at 17, and business volume was second only to the company's Toronto bureau. Responsibilities of the position were broad in scope, and included programming, customer relations, sales, staffing, training, local procurement, tendering, equipment maintenance, site management, branch budgeting, inventory, and billing.


Journals (Juried Articles)

Conference Proceedings (Juried by Abstract)

Other Publications

Volunteer Activities

1992 - present

Reel Pride Film Festival.
Volunteer. Director. Treasurer. Vice-President. President. Past President. Organization's mission is to produce the annual Reel Pride film festival and other film-related events. 2013 recipient of the Investors Group Arts & Culture Volunteer Excellence award.

2007 - present

Manitoba Transit Heritage Association.
Volunteer. Director. Official Historian. Organization's mission is to collect, restore, preserve, curate and exhibit vehicles and other artifacts related to the public transit history of Winnipeg and Manitoba.