Holiday Trips


Countries are numbered "(1)" as they are "acquired". Cities numbered with full integers "1." included one or more nights stay. Cities numbered with letters "1a." were visited on a day return trip from the corresponding integer-numbered city. Cities numbered with fractions "1½." were visited during travel between the preceding and following integer-numbered cities. Nights spend aboard planes, trains and ships have not been shown.


Canada United States of America July 1971 - Canada (1): Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Kingston, Old Fort William, Niagara Falls, Winnipeg, United States of America (2): Straits of Mackinaw, Duluth, Superior, Grand Forks.
Canada United States of America Summer 1974 - Canada: Fairmont Hot Springs. United States of America: Coeur d'Alene, Spokane, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone.
France Spring 1976 - France (3): Paris, Versailles.
Netherlands France United Kingdom Spring 1978 - Netherlands (4): Amsterdam, Marken, Volendam. France: Paris, Versailles. United Kingdom (5): London, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Windsor.
Canada United States of America Summer 1978 - Canada: Jasper, Mount Edith Cavell, Penticton. United States of America: Oroville.
Canada Summer 1979 - Canada: Jasper, Kamloops, Vancouver, Victoria, Penticton, Fairmont Hot Springs.
United States of America March 1984 - United States of America: Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Anaheim.
Canada United States of America I. August 1990 - Canada: 1&6. Montréal. United States of America: 2. Boston, 2a. Lowell, 3. Washington, 3a. Baltimore, 3½. Atlantic City, 4. Philadelphia, 5. New York City.
PMC (1-6)
Canada United States of America Mexico II. June 1991 - Canada: 1. Vancouver. United States of America: 2. Seattle, 2¼. Portland, 2½. Sacramento, 3. San Francisco, 3a. Palo Alto, 3b. San Jose, 3c. Berkeley, 4. Los Angeles, 4a. Long Beach, 4b. Santa Monica, 4c. Universal City, 4d. Anaheim, 5. San Diego. Mexico (6): 5a. Tijuana.
PMC (1-5)
United States of America III. August 1992 - United States of America: 1. Boston, 1a. Salem, 1b. Provincetown, 2&4. Washington, 3. Atlanta, 3a. Stone Mountain, 5. Baltimore, 5a. Annapolis, 5½. Atlantic City, 6. Philadelphia, 7. New York City, 7a. Newark.
PMC (1-7)
France Netherlands Germany Czech Republic Austria Slovakia Hungary Italy Monaco IV. October 1993 - France: ½. Paris, 7. Nice. Netherlands: 1. Amsterdam. Germany (7): 2. Berlin, 2a. Potsdam. Czech Republic (8): 3. Praha. Austria (9): 4. Wien. Slovakia (10): 4a. Bratislava. Hungary (11): 5. Budapest. Italy (12): 6. Venezia. 7a. Monaco (13).
PMC (½-13), DEL (½-2)
Portugal Spain France Monaco Italy San Marino Vatican City V. April 1995 - Portugal (14): 1. Lisbon, 1a. Sintra. Spain (15): 2. Madrid, 2a. Toledo, 3. Barcelona. France: 3½. Montpelier, 4. Nice. 4a. Monaco. Italy: 5. Venezia, 6. Bologna, 6a. Rimini, 7. Firenze, 7½. Pisa, 8. Roma. 6b. San Marino (16). 8a. Vatican City (17).
RDW (1-8)
Canada July 1996 - Canada: Toronto
United Kingdom Ireland VI. July 1996 - United Kingdom: 1&8. London, 1a. Canterbury, 1b. Dover, 1½. Cambridge, 2. York, 2a. Fountains Abbey, 2½. Durham, 3. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 4. Edinburgh, 4a&4b. Glasgow, 5. Manchester, 5a. Blackpool, 5b. Sheffield, 5c. Liverpool, 5½. Chester, 6. Bangor, 6a. Caernarfon, 6b. Mount Snowdonia, 6c. Beaumaris, 6e. Conwy, 6½. Llandudno, 7. Bath, 7a. Stonehenge, 7b. Avebury, 7c. Lacock, 7d. Castle Combe, 7e. Wells, 7f. Gloucester. Ireland (18): 6d. Dublin.
JER (1)
Canada January 1997 - Canada: Toronto, Markham.
United States of America June 1997 - United States of America: Grand Forks, Fargo.
Italy Vatican City Croatia Slovenia Switzerland Germany

Bosnia and Hercegovina*

VII. March 1998 - Italy: 1. Roma, 1a. Ostia, 2. Palermo, 2a. Monreale, 2b. Agrigento, 3. Catania, 3a. Siracusa, 3b. Taormina, 4. Napoli, 4a. Pompei, 4b. Ercolano, 4½. Foggia, 8. Trieste, 9. Milano. 1b. Vatican City. Croatia (19): 5. Dubrovnik, 6. Split, 7. Zagreb. Slovenia (20): 7a. Ljubljana. Switzerland (21): 9a. Locarno, 9b. Lugano. Germany: 10. Frankfurt am Main. *

* The bus from Dubrovnik to Split stopped for 10 minutes in Neum, Bosnia Hercegovina. Passengers were allowed off the bus while the driver and conductor bought tax-free goods. Croatian exit and entrance customs controlled road traffic north and south of Neum. At the time no Bosnian border control operated in the area.
Canada May 1998 - Canada: Gimli.
Canada September 1998 - Canada: Edmonton.
Canada December 1998 - Canada: Saskatoon.
United States of America Australia New Zealand Canada


VIII. March & April 2000 - United States of America: ½. Minneapolis, 10. Honolulu. Australia (22): 1. Hobart, 1a. Port Arthur, 2. Yularu (Ayres Rock), 3. Adelaide, 3a. Victor Harbor, 4. Melbourne, 4a. Bendigo, 5. Sydney, 6. Brisbane. New Zealand (23): 7&9. Auckland, 7a. Waitomo, 7b. Rotorua, 8. Wellington. Canada: 11. Vancouver. *
* The flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Honolulu, Hawaii stopped in the Kingdom of Tonga for one hour. Honolulu passengers were allowed off the plane to shop in the airport transit lounge.
United States of America August 2000 - United States of America: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Excelsior.
Canada December 2000 - Canada: Saskatoon.
Canada March 2001 - Canada: Saskatoon, Edmonton.
Canada August 2001 - Canada: Rapid City, Oak Lake, Hartney, Reston, Gainsborough, Regina, Elstow, Saskatoon, Bradwell, Kinley, Perdue, Mount Carmel.
Canada September 2001 - Canada: Hull, Ottawa, Smiths Falls, Merrickville, Westport, Bedford Mills, Newboro, Battersea, Kingston, Toronto, Brockville.
Canada United States of America United Kingdom Isle of Man Belgium Luxembourg

Cunard Line*

IX. June & July 2002 - Canada: 1. Toronto, United States of America: 2. New York City, 2a. Jersey City, United Kingdom: * 3. Birmingham, 3a. Wolverhampton, 4. Liverpool, 6. London, 6a Croydon. Isle of Man (24) 4a. Douglas, Belgium (25) 5. Brussels, 5a. Antwerp, 5b. Brugges, 5c. Oostende, 5d. Zeebrugges, 5f. Ghent, Luxembourg (26) 5e. Luxembourg,
* Six nights spent at sea between New York City and Southampton aboard Cunard liner Queen Elizabeth 2.

AO (2&*)
Canada July 2003 - Canada: Toronto, Bedford Mills, Westport, Prescott, Garretton, Bishops Mills, Bells Crossing, Roebuck, The Windfall Road, Merrickville, Actons Corners, Oxford Mills, Ottawa, Kingston, Rockwood, Guelph.
Mexico March 2004 - Mexico: Puerta Vallarta, Pitillal, Mismaloya.
Canada March 2004 - Canada: Edmonton, Sherwood Park.
Canada United Kingdom France Italy Vatican City X. May & June 2004 - Canada: 1.&8. Edmonton, United Kingdom: 2. London, 2a. Windsor, France: 3. Paris, 3a. Versailles, Italy: 4. Milano, 5. Venezia, 6. Firenze, 7. Roma, 7a. Vatican City.
JAW (1-8)
Canada June 2004 - Canada: Yorkton, Elstow, Saskatoon.
Italy San Marino Switzerland XI. September & October 2004 - Italy: ½. Passariano, 1. San Lorenzo di Sedegliano, 1a. Coderno, 1b. Sedegliano, 1c. Beano, 1d. Pantianicco, 1e. Grions, 1f. Codroipo, 1g. Leonacco, 1h. Tricésimo, 1i. & 1k. Udine, 1j. San Martino di Codroipo, 2. Venezia, 3. Gabicce Mare, 3a. Gradara (War Cemetery), 3½. Rimini, 4. Firenze, 4½. Pisa, 5. La Spezia, 5a. Monterosso al Mare, 5b. Vernazza, 5c. Corneglia, 5d. Manarola, 5e. Riomaggiore, 6. Milano. 3¼. San Marino. Switzerland: 6a. Lugano.
FMM (1-6), MAM (½-2 & 4-6), AEM (1-2 & 4-6), and AMC (1, 1a-k)
Canada February 2007 - Canada: Saskatoon.
Canada March 2007 - Canada: Gatineau, Ottawa, Merrickville, Westport, Bedford Mills, Kingston, Brockville, Wakefield, Low, Montréal.
United States of America April 2007 - United States of America: Menlo Park CA, Palo Alto, San Francisco.
Canada May 2007 - Canada: Vancouver.
United Kingdom France Germany Italy San Marino Vatican City XII. July 2007 - United Kingdom: 1. London, 1a. Canterbury, 1b. Dover, France: 2. Paris, Germany: 3. Munich, 3a. Dachau, Italy: 4. Bologna, 4a. Maranello, 4b. Venezia, 5. Naples, 5a. Pompei, 6. Roma, 4c. San Marino. 6a. Vatican City.
SJW (1-6)
United States of America August 2007 - United States of America: Spokane, Minneapolis.
Canada June 2008 - Canada: Victoria, Vancouver.
Germany France Spain XIII. September 2008 - Germany: 1. Berlin, 1a. Dresden, 2, Frankfurt am Main, 2a. Köln, 2b. Wuppertal, 2c. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, 2d. Freidburg (Hessen), France: 3. Paris, 4. Avignon, Spain: 5. Barcelona, 6. Córdoba, 6a. Sevilla, 6b. Granada, 7. Madrid.
CWRW (1-7)
Argentina Chile* XIV. January 2011 - Argentina (27) 1. Buenos Aires, 2, Ushuaia, 2a. Tierra del Fuego National Park, 2b. Estancia Harberton, Chile (28): 2½. Puerto Navarino, 3. Puerto Williams, 4. Puenta Arenas, 5. Santiago, 5a. Valparaiso, 5b: Viña del Mar.
AB,FM (1-5)
* One night spent at sea between Puerto Williams and Puenta Arenas aboard ferry Bahia Azul.
Canada United States of America March 2012 - Canada: Vancouver. United States of America: Seattle.
United States of America July 2012 - United States of America: Los Angeles, Oceanside.
Canada October 2012 - Canada: Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Victoria Settlement, Andrew, Mundare.
Canada December 2012 - Canada: Calgary.
Canada February 2013 - Canada: Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Richmond Hill, Niagara Falls.
United States of America June 2014 - United States of America: Pembina, Grand Forks, Fargo, Minneapolis, Hibbing, Duluth, St. Paul, Big Lake, St. Cloud, Cannon Falls, Rochester, Crookston.
Canada June 2015 - Canada: Québec, Saguenay, Lévis, Sainte-Claire, Shawinigan, Trois-Rivières.

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