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Welcome to the yoshida design home page/catalogue. yoshida designs produces (at a somewhat leisurely pace) photo-etched accessories for the discerning <grin> plastic model builder.

  • design philosophy
  • armour details
         Part No.  Description                    Price
    YDA01 1/35 early kv details US$23.00
    YDA02 1/35 M113 details US$10.00
    YDA03 generic access covers o.o.p.
    YDA04 1/15 nebelwerfer details T.B.A
    YDA05 1/35 late M113 details US$5.00
    YDA06 1/35 ferdinand engine deck T.B.A
    YDA07 1/35 2.8cm PzB 41 gun shields US$5.00
    YDA08 1/35 maus grills US$12.00
    YDA10 1/35 Diehl M113 track US$30.00 **NEW** ***Web site exclusive - limited availability***
  • car details
         Part No.  Description                    Price
    YDC01 1/20 f1 tire painting stencil US$6.00
    YDC02 1/24 f1 tire painting stencil US$5.45
    YDC03 1/12 f1 tire painting stencil US$8.00

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