Dr. Yong Zhang


Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba




532 Machray Hall, 186 Dysart Rd, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3T 2N2















During the Winter term of 2017 I am teaching MATH 1500 Introduction to Calculus and MATH 2180 Real Analysis 1. My teaching for the next academic year is as follows. 2017 F: MATH 1700 Calculus 2, 2018 W: MATH 3340 Complex Analysis and MATH 4280 Basic Functional Analysis.










Current Students





Osu Ighorode (M. Sc.), Tapiwa Maswera (M. Sc.)















My research interest is in the areas of Banach Algebras, Harmonic Analysis and Fixed Point Properties of Semigroups. I am also interested in Boundary Value Problems of Nonlinear Differential Equations.





Canadian Abstract Harmonic Analysis Symposium 2017 will be held at the University of Manitoba, during May 23-25, 2017.





Editing and Reviewing





I am an editor of the Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis.

I am also a reviewer for both AMS Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt MATH.















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