Zooey Zhang

Master student in Computer Science Department

HCI research assistant in HCI Lab

University of Manitoba


My name is Zuoyi Zhang. Most of my friends call me "Zooey", which has same pronounciation to my Chinese name. I am a thesis-based master student in Computer Science Department in University of Manitoba. My research area is Human computer interaction. Currently, I am conducting research as a research assistant in HCI lab. My advisor is Professor Pourang Irani.

Before joined to the HCI lab at summer 2017, I gained my bachelor's degree in Beijing Jiaotong University in 2016. I was in the School of Software Engineering, where my academic advisor is Dr. Yu Li. During the last year of my undergraduate program, I went to University of Minnesota in Twin-Cities as an exchange student and studied Computer Science in College of Science and Engineering. In Minnesota, I joined Grouplens research center of Department of Computer Science and Enginnering as a research student, where I conducted HCI research with Professor Svetlana Yarosh in Product Lab.

A photo for myself


October 2020: Graduated with the Master degree in Computer Science from University of Manitoba!

October 2020: Presented my paper in Pervasive Health online conference 2020!

August 2020: Passed my Master thesis defense!

June 2020: Presented my paper in Augmented Human 2020! My first online conference oral talk! The paper got 3rd place best paper award!

May 2020: My mindful eating project was selected to be the top 20 application to got acceptance for Lab2Market program Health corhort 2020!

April 2020: One paper got acceptance for Augmented Human 2020!

March 2020: One paper got acceptance for Pervasive Health 2020!

April 2019: Passed my thesis proposal

March 2019: Presented my Master thesis proposal to committee

February 2019: Presented my paper in ITCH 2019 at Victoria, BC

November 2018: Got Acceptance of my ITCH 2019 paper

September 2018: Got approval of my research study Ethics

June 2017: Started as a master student at the University of Manitoba, Department of Computer Science

July 2016: Graduated as a bachelor in Software enginnering at Beijing Jiaotong University

June 2016: Left University of Minnesota and came back to Beijing

October: Start work as a research student in GroupLens research

Aug 2015: Started as an exchange student in Uiversity of Minnesota in Twin Cities


My research is focus on

  1. Input/Output interaction technique
  2. AR/VR
  3. CSCW
  4. Health related mobile computing
  5. Ubiquitous computing.