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Computer Accounts - Usage Agreement

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[...]Your computer account is for your use only, and not to be shared with anyone, including friends or family members. You are responsible for all actions performed with the use of your accounts. By accepting a userid you also agree to use it responsibly.

Computer use, other than for your University-related work, is a privilege which can be revoked by the University at any time for administrative or other reasons, or for misuse.[...]

UM Personal Website users are responsible for complying with all applicable laws (including the Copyright Act) and University of Manitoba policies (including the Use of Copyright Protected Materials Policy).

To help ensure copyright compliance you should not:

  • Post content that was not originally created by you, or that you have not received permission to post from the creator (including graphics and images)
  • Post content that you have previously published (unless permitted by your publication agreement)
  • Post Fair Dealing content to a publicly accessible website
  • Post copies of electronic resources you obtained through the UM library (even if your website is password protected)

Consider using UM Learn for your course content or course website:

  • Secure access through a password protected interface
  • Easy-to-use and fully supported by The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
  • Fair Dealing excerpts may be posted for students
  • Library e-resources can be linked to or posted (in accordance with the library licence)

If you require assistance determining what content you can post or link to, contact the Copyright Office at or 204-474-9607/7277

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