Presenting at the 3MT competition

Jane Breen

I have moved!

I am now a postdoc at Iowa State University. My new website can be found here.

Ph.D. candidate
513 Machray Hall
University of Manitoba

Email address: breenj3(at)myumanitoba(dot)ca

About me

I have recently completed my Ph.D. program in mathematics at the University of Manitoba. My supervisor was Dr. Steve Kirkland. In August 2018, I will begin a postdoctoral position at Iowa State University.

My research interests are largely in combinatorial matrix theory and linear algebra. My thesis research focuses on finite Markov chains, and particularly, the influence of the directed graph underlying the chain.


  1. Jane Breen, Emanuele Crisostomi, Mahsa Faizrahnemoon, Steve Kirkland, Robert Shorten. Clustering behaviour in Markov chains with eigenvalues close to one. Linear Algebra and its Applications 555 (2018), 163--185.
  2. Jane Breen, Boris Brimkov, Joshua Carlson, Leslie Hogben, K.E. Perry, Carolyn Reinhart. Throttling for the game of Cops and Robbers on graphs. Discrete Mathematics 341:9 (2018), 2418--2430.
  3. Jane Breen, Steve Kirkland. Minimising the largest mean first passage time of a Markov chain: The influence of directed graphs. Linear Algebra and its Applications, 520:306-334. 2017.
  4. Jane Breen, Steve Kirkland. Stationary vectors of stochastic matrices subject to combinatorial constraints. Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, 28(1):4. 2015.

Curriculum Vitae

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Three Minute Thesis

In this video, you can see me present my research in three minutes for the 3 Minute Thesis competition final at the University of Manitoba in 2017. This is a research communication competition testing graduate students' ability to communicate their research to a non-specialist audience -- in three minutes.