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Dr. Douglas Buchanan

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Dr. Douglas A. Buchanan, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Email: Douglas.Buchanan@umanitoba.ca
Phone: +1 204 474 9085
Fax: +1 204 261 4639
Office: E3-453 EITC Bldg.




Ph.D. Student(s)




Gustavo Belo, Ph.D. Candidate
Email: umbelo@myumanitoba.ca

Office: E3-450 EITC Bldg.
Thesis Title: Characterization of electrical defects in high-k dielectrics



Vaibhav Dubey, Ph.D. Candidate
Email: dubeyv@myumanitoba.ca
Office: E3-480 EITC Bldg.
Thesis Title: Programable VOS Olfactory sensors



Mayank Thacker, Ph.D. Candidate
Email: thacker5@myumanitoba.ca
Office: E3-480 EITC Bldg.
Thesis Title: MEMs-based anemometers for space applications 



M.Sc. Student(s)




Md. Iftekharul Islam, M.Sc. Candidate
Email: islammi@myumanitoba.ca
Office: E3-480 EITC Bldg.
Thesis Title: MEMs-based ultrasonic transducers







Postdoc(s) and Research Associate(s)




Dr. Arezoo Emadi, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Research Area: Microelectromechanical systems, MEMS



Dr. Auxence Minko, Ph.D.

Research Area: High-k dielectric materials



Ph.D. Student(s)




Dr. Mohammed Alsehalli

Thesis Title: Generalized three dimensional geometrical scattering channel model for indoor and outdoor propagation environments, 2010



M.Sc. Student(s)




Dilruba Zaman Jeba

Thesis Title: Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers: Design, Fabrication and Characterization, 2014




Md. Obaej Tareq

Thesis Title: Floating gate metal-oxide-semiconductor based gas sensor, 2014



Riya(Rekha) Chaudhari

Thesis Title: Work function tuning of reactively sputtered HfxSiyNz metal gate electrodes for advanced CMOS technology, 2013



Daniel Wiebe

Thesis Title: A quantum mechanical charge transport simulation methodology, 2012



Nusraat Masood

Thesis Title: Silicon integration of lab-on-a-chip dielectrophoresis devices, 2010



Pommy Patel

Thesis Title: Work function tuning of reactively sputtered MoxSiyNz metal gate electrodes for advanced CMOS technology, 2008




Yiping Yi

Thesis Title: An integrated circuit design for implementation of a chemical sensor array, 2008





Jane Cao

Thesis Title: A chemical sensor design using a standard CMOS process, 2007



Daniel Felnhofer
Thesis Title: Characterization of electronically active defects in hafnium dioxide high-[kappa] gate dielectrics, 2006