NMR simulation: gNMR

The NMR simulation program gNMR, now at revision level 5.1, has been marketed by Adept Scientific until May 2005. Due to my move from Nijmegen (Netherlands) to Winnipeg (Canada), I am presently unable to support the package, and have therefore decided to discontinue its sales.

The current version can be downloaded "as is", free of charge but also without any support. Use is free for academic and non-academic users, for the purposes of research and teaching. However, the author does not guarantee its correctness or fitness for any specific purpose, does not offer any support, and retains the copyright to the program.

gNMR contains known and unknown errors. I welcome comments and bug reports, but cannot promise to do anything about them, or even reply to them. If in the future I find the time to prepare a significant new version, I will try to address any comments received in the meantime. There might even be a new commercial release!

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