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Frederick Philip Grove / Felix Paul Greve (FPG)

Solar Grove (© gd, 1995)
Solar Grove [large]
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   Brümmer, incl. 1907 Bio-Sketch
   George, Gundolf, Insel, Th. Mann, Schmitz, etc. 
   Gide, 1904 [also: 1902-1909, French & Eng]
   Crouch, Phelps, Warkentin, etc.


   A Search for America   In Search of Myself
   Jane Atkinson  Settlers of the Marsh  
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***CONTENTS of FPG's Poetry eEdition
Introductions Greve's Wanderungen (1902): Frage -- Cäsarische Zeit -- Wanderungen -- Tagszeiten -- Aus hohen Bergen -- Lieder des Dankes. *** Gedichte (für Stefan George). *** Gedichte/Drei Sonette: Ein Porträt/Gedichte (von 'Fanny Essler'). *** Dante Sonnets. *** GROVE's Six German Poems. *** In Memoriam Phyllis May Grove: Thoughts. -- The Dirge. -- Landscapes. -- Legends. *** Notebook- & Miscellaneous Poems. *** NEW : Das Jahr der Wende e-Facsimile Ed  (59 mss. poems, Nov. 1901; acquired in 2007. *** Eleven Poems by Greve (from the DLA (Deutsche Literatur Archiv), Marbach; discovered online in Nov.2007).

Else Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven (FrL)  

About Else von Freytag-Loringhoven
FrL Bio by Dr. Beth Alvarez, UMd, 2004

FrL Collections in the UM Archives

UMaryland Collection
Finding Aid - Scope - Content

UWisconsin: The LittleReview Collection

Exhibitions, News, Catalogues, etc.

Autobiography (UMd, ts:)
Satirical Poem: about Ernst Hardt  
Satirical Poem about: August Endell  
"Fanny Essler" Poems 1904/5:
Centennial e-Ed. [Germ & Engl, 2005]

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Freytag-Loringhoven Death Mask, Dec. 1917, in Transition, Feb. 1928
Death Mask, Dec.1927
Transition Feb.1928

2 x FrL, ca. 1915:
With & Without Claude McKay
From: Library of Congress, Banes Collection
(discovered in 2006)

Miscellaneous Documents about FPG & FrL
 Collage "Six Times Solar Grove" -- Gide's Conversation avec un allemand [Fre=Eng]. -- Fanny Essler's 1904/5 Poetry Cycle. -- Artice about FrL & FPG's 1904/5 'Fanny Essler' Plans (Arachne). -- German Article, "Else über E. Hardt, A. Endell, & F.P. Greve (TransLit). -- FrL's Arrest in Pittsburgh, New York Times, 1910. -- "Grove's Obsession with FrL"
(PPt Presentation
, UW Faculty Club, ©Dec. 2003).

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