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Opening for a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Real-Time Simulation of Electric Vehicles

Applications are invited for the position of Post‐Doctoral Research Fellow as part of a joint research project between The University of Manitoba and RTDS Technologies Inc. The scope of the joint research project “Real Time Simulation of Electric Vehicles” includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1.      Survey the current state of art in modelling and simulation of electric vehicles in real time;

2.      Identify and develop necessary model of various types of electrical vehicle;

3.      Implement the simulation cases for various types of electrical vehicle on RTDS real time simulator;

4.      Study interactions between large scale EV charging stations and the connected supply systems on RTDS real time simulator;

5.      Evaluate and implement hardware in loop simulation for EV on RTDS real time simulator;



1.      A doctoral degree in electrical engineering with a Ph.D. thesis topic on electrified vehicles;

2.      Solid knowledge of power systems and power electronics;

3.      Knowledge of EMT simulations is preferred;

4.      At least 1-2 papers published in related IEEE Transactions or equivalent journals;

5.      Fluency in English;


Please email you CV and a brief statement of your qualifications to Dr. Shaahin Filizadeh at Please use “EV Real-Time Simulation on RTDS” as your email subject.


If you are interested in graduate studies at the University of Manitoba under my supervision, please email me your CV and all your university transcripts along with your areas of interest. I will contact those whom I deem potentially suitable within a week. I am not able to respond to all admission inquiries due to the large volume of emails that I receive.

Most recent research highlights

1.      Jan. 2019: In this paper we show a numerical modeling method for a piezo-electric energy harvester and validate its accuracy experimentally.

S. Bagheri, N. Wu, S. Filizadeh, “Numerical modeling and analysis of self-powered synchronous switching circuit for the study of transient charging behavior of a vibration energy harvester," Smart Materials and Structures, to appear.


2.      Jan. 2019: In this paper we present a universal high-frequency induction machine model that may be easily adapted to any winding arrangement. The model is validated against experimental measurements and is use to predict over-voltages in long cable-fed induction machines.

M. S. Toulabi, L. Wang, L. Bieber, S. Filizadeh, J. Jatskevich, “A universal high-frequency induction machine model and characterization method for arbitrary stator winding connections,” IEEE Trans. on Energy Conversion, to appear.  


3.      December 2018: In the following paper we develop a dynamic phasor model of an MMC and interface it with an EMT simulator. Our model provides the ability to adjust the harmonic contents of the waveforms that are retained in the model; we show the computational advantage of our model compared with detailed switching and detailed equivalent models. We show extensive simulation-based comparative studies and also verify the accuracy of our model experimentally.

J. Rupasinghe, S. Filizadeh, L. Wang, “An extended-frequency dynamic phasor model of an MMC for EMT simulation,” IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, to appear.


4.      October 2018: Konstantinos Stamatis won the Best Student Poster Award at 2018 CIGRE Canada Conference in Calgary for

K. Stamatis, K. Abdel-Hadi, C. McKenzie, B. Potapinski, S. Filizadeh, “Reliability and Lifecycle Analysis of Sodium Nickel and Lithium-Ion Battery Systems.”


5.      October 2018: We won the Best Paper Award in the “DC and AC Machines” category in the ICEMS 2018 in Korea for

I. P. Abeyrathne, M. S. Toulabi, S. Filizadeh, “Design Optimization and Performance Prediction of Synchronous Reluctance Motors.”


6.      June 2018: In our latest paper on interfacing dynamic phasors and EMT solvers, we show examples of systems including power electronics and also show methods for controlling the damping of EMT waveform samples that are sent to the DP side for TS-type simulation.

K. Mudunkotuwa, S. Filizadeh, “Co-simulation of electrical networks by interfacing EMT and dynamic-phasor simulators,” Electric Power Systems Research, to appear [extended version of an IPST 2017 paper invited to a Special Issue of EPSR].


7.      May 2018: In this paper we propose and experimentally verify an enhanced controller for a BESS to suppress dc link voltage fluctuations thereby allowing a potential reduction in dc capacitor size.

D. Bazargan, B. Bahrani, S. Filizadeh, “Reduced Capacitance Battery Storage DC-Link Voltage Regulation and Dynamic Improvement Using a Feed-Forward Control Strategy,” IEEE Trans. on Energy Conversion, (early access).


8.      April 2018: In our latest MMC-related work we present extensive analysis of semiconductor losses of the hybrid cascaded MMC (HC-MMC) under different control schemes and switching frequencies.

X. Shi, S. Filizadeh, D. A. Jacobson, “Loss Evaluation for the Hybrid Cascaded MMC under Different Voltage-Regulation Methods,” IEEE Trans. on Energy Conversion (early access).

Research areas of interest

My research interests are in the general area of electric power systems. I am particularly interested in computer modeling and simulation of systems wherein power electronic converters, energy storage systems, and fast-acting controllers are embedded. Examples include power-electronic intensive power systems (HVDC, FATCS), electric motor drive systems, and electrified vehicular systems.

Explore the following for themes of our completed or in-progress work. 

Extended-frequency dynamic phasor modeling 


1.      Dynamic phasor modeling of power-electronic converters (including MMC);

2.      Dynamic phasor modeling of lage systems and interfacing to EMT simulation;

3.      Dynamic phasor modelig of conventional network elements.


Sample publications:

S. Rajesvaran, S. Filizadeh, “Wide-band modeling of modular multilevel converters using extended-frequency dynamic phasors,” Scientia/Iranica.

S. Rajesvaran, S. Filizadeh, “Modelling modular multilevel converters using extended-frequency dynamic phasors,” in Proc. IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting, Boston, MA, 2016.

A. F. Darbandi, S. Filizadeh, “Development of reduced-intensity computer models for resonant converters,” in Proc. International Conference on Power System Transients, IPST’13, Vancouver, BC, July 2013.

Vehicular system modeling and HIL simulation


1.      Modeling and hardware-in-loop simulation of electrified drive-trains;

2.      Modeling and characterization of energy-storage elements;

3.      Modeling, characterization, and managemnet of vehicular charging demand.


Sample publications:

N. Ghiasnezhad, S. Filizadeh, “A semi-cooperative decentralized scheduling scheme for plug-in electric vehicle charging demand,” International Journal of Electric Power & Energy Systems, vol. 88, p-119-132, June 2017.

E. Tara, S. Filizadeh, E. Dirks, “Battery-in-the-loop simulation of a planetary-gear based hybrid electric vehicle,” IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology, vol. 62, no. 2, pp. 573-581, Feb. 2013.

S. Shahidinejad, E. Bibeau, S. Filizadeh, “Statistical development of a duty cycle for plug-in vehicles in a North-American urban setting using fleet information,” IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology, vol. 59, no. 8, pp. 3710-3719, October 2010.

HVDC converter topologies and MMCs


1.      Converter toplogies with dc fault blocking capability;

2.      Hardware-in-loop modeling and simulation;Energy balancing;

3.      Component sizing;

4.      Control and modeling.


Sample publications:

S. Howell, S. Filizadeh, A. M. Gole, “Unidirectional HVDC topology with DC fault ride-through capability,” Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, to appear. 

X. Shi, S. Filizadeh, “Design considerations of a hybrid cascaded modular multilevel converter,” in Proc. CIGRE Canada Conf., Vancouver, BC, Oct. 2016.

C. Shumski, S. Howell, S. Filizadeh, “A reduced-order model of a hybrid modular multilevel converter,” in Proc. CIGRE Canada Conf., Vancouver, BC, Oct. 2016.

Simulation-based optimization and decision-support algorithms


1.      Simulation-based optimization;

2.      Decision-support algorithms;

3.      Application areas (power electronics, power systems, electric machines).


Sample publications:

A. Y. Goharrizi, R. Singh, A. M. Gole, S. Filizadeh, J. C. Muller, R. Jayasinghe, “A paralll multi-modal optimization algorithm for simulation-based design of power systems,” IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, vol. 30, no. 5, pp. 2128-2137, Oct. 2015.

M. Heidari, S. Filizadeh, A. M. Gole, “Electromagnetic transients simulation based surrogate models for tolerance analysis of FACTS apparatus,” IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, vol. 28, no. 2, pp. 797-806, April 2013.

S. Filizadeh, A. M. Gole, D. A. Woodford, G. D. Irwin, "An optimization-enabled electromagnetic transient simulation based methodology for HVDC controller design," IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, vol. 22, no. 4, pp. 2559-2566, October 2007.

HVDC and PE converter modeling


1.      LCC-HVDC modeling;

2.      Wide-band dynamic phasor-based models;

3.      Abnormal modes of operation.


Sample publications:

M. Daryabak, S. Filizadeh, J. Jatskevich, A. Davoudi, M. Saeedifard, V. K. Sood, J. A. Martinez, D. Aliprantis, J. M. Cano, A. Mehrizi-Sani, “Dynamic Average Modeling of Line-Commutated Converter-Based HVDC Using Dynamic Phasors,” IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, vol. 29, no. 4, pp. 1989-1998, Aug. 2014.

S. Chiniforoosh, H. Atighechi, A. Davoudi, J. Jatskevich, A. Yazdani, S. Filizadeh, M. Saeedifard, J. A. Martinez, V. Sood, K. Strunz, J. Mahseredjian, V. Dinavahi, “Dynamic average modeling of front-end diode rectifier loads considering discontinuous conduction mode and unbalanced operation,” IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 421-429, January 2012.

D. Bazargan, S. Filizadeh, A. M. Gole, “Stability analysis of converter-connected battery energy storage systems in the grid,” IEEE Trans. on Sustainable Energy, vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 1204-1212, Oct. 2014.

Research team members



Dr. M. S. Toulabi

Doctoral Students:

1.      Randupama Gunasekara

2.      Janesh Rupasinghe

3.      Xianghua Shi

4.      Steven Howell

5.      Garry Bistyak

M.Sc. students:

1.      Nydia Xu

2.      Gayan Amaradasa

3.      Indula Abeyrathne

4.      Nuwan Herath

5.      Karl Dirks

6.      Christopher Beaudoin

7.      Bruce Liu

8.      Konstantinos Stamatis

9.      Curtis Shumski

10.  Jessie Doerksen



Dr. S. Shahidinejad: Energy storage and characterization of electrified drive-trains

Doctoral students:

1.      Afshin Bagheri Vandae

Thesis title: Extended-Frequency Dynamic Phasor Modelling of LCC-HVDC Systems for Electromagnetic Transient Simulations

2.      Kumara Mudunkotuwage

Thesis title: Co-Simulation of Power System Transients Using Dynamic Phasor and Electromagnetic Transient Simulators

3.      Damon Bazargan (co-advised with Prof. A. M. Gole)

Thesis title: A Study of Battery Energy Storage Dynamics in Power Systems

4.      Ali Yazdanpanah Goharrizi (co-advised with Prof. A. M. Gole)

Thesis title: Parallel Multi-Modal Optimal Design and Sensitivity Assessment for Electric Power Systems

5.      Mehdi Daryabak

Thesis title: Modeling Line-Commutated Converter HVDC Transmission Systems Using Dynamic Phasors

6.      Nima Ghiasnezhad Omran

Thesis title: Charging Load of Plug-in Vehicles on the Power Grid

7.      Ehsan Tara

Thesis title: Modeling, Optimization and Hardware-in-Loop Simulation of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

8.      Mohamed M. Z. Moustafa

Thesis title: Operating Limits and Dynamic Average-Value Modeling of VSC-HVDC Systems

9.      Maziar Heidari Sept. 2005-Jun. 2010 (co-advised with Prof. A. M. Gole)

Thesis title: Decision Support Algorithms for Power System and Power Electronic Design

M.Sc. students:

10.  Buddhika DeSilva

Thesis title: Electromagnetic Design Optimization of V-Shaped Magnet IPM Synchronous Machines

11.  Janesh Rupasinghe

Thesis title: A Dynamic Phasor Model of a Modular Multilevel Converter for EMT Co-Simulation

12.  Haiyue Wang

Thesis title: Real-Time and Non-Real-Time EMT Simulation of an Alternate Arm Converter

13.  Shailajah Rajesvaran

Thesis title: Modeling of Modular Multilevel Converters using Extended-Frequency Dynamics Phasors

14.  Amin Hajihosseinlou

Thesis title: Traction Control of an Electric Vehicle with Four In-Wheel Motors

15.  Mathias Pielahn (co-advised with Dr. C. Shafai)

Thesis title: Vibrational Energy Harvesting with Piezoelectric Cantilevers

16.  Matthew Kolasza

Thesis title: Generalized Dynamic Phasor-Based Simulation for Power Systems

17.  Randupama Gunasekara

Thesis title: Internal Model Design for Power Electronic Controllers

18.  Damon Bazargan

Thesis title: Hardware-in-Loop Simulation of Battery Storage Systems for Power System Applications

19.  Arash Fazel-Darbandi

Thesis title: Design and Implementation of a DC-DC Resonant Converter for Power System Applications

20.  Steven Howell

Thesis title: Implementation of a Fuzzy Logic Based Set-Point Modulation Scheme with SVC System Applications

21.  Maryam Salimi

Thesis title: Simulation-based optimal design of induction motor drives

22.  Azin Shahab

Thesis title: Dynamic Average-Value Modeling of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Wind Energy Conversion Systems

23.  Mehrdad Espah

Thesis title: DC Capacitor Voltage Balancing for Multi-Level Converters

24.  Greg Chongva

Thesis title: Processor-in-loop control system design using a non-real-time electromagnetic transient simulator

25.  Lalin Kothalawala

Thesis title: Computationally efficient simulation based sensitivity method for power electronic circuits

26.  Chathura Jeevantha

Thesis title: Co-Simulation of back-to-back VSC transmission system

27.  Gustavo Marjovsky

Thesis title: Instantaneous power theory for active filtering of high displacement power factor non-linear loads

28.  Farhad Yahyaie

Thesis title: Simulation-based design of multi-modal systems

29.  Siavash Zoroofi (Visiting student from Chalmers University, Sweden)

Thesis title: Modeling and simulation of vehicular power systems

30.  Adam Chevrefils

Thesis title: Modeling and design of an electric all-terrain vehicle

31.  Keyhan Kobravi

Thesis title: Optimization-enabled transient simulation for design of power circuits with multi-modal objective functions

32.  Ali Mehrizi-Sani

Thesis title: Advanced modulation techniques for power converters

33.  Daniel Northcott

Thesis title: Design, simulation and construction of a series hybrid electric vehicle



Power Electronics (ECE 4370) [outline], [webpage]

Advanced Power Electronics (ECE 7072) [outline], [webpage]

Advanced Electric Machines and Drives (ECE 7030) [outline], [webpage]



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