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Zoeppritz Calculator

A Javascript partial replacement for the Zoeppritz Explorer, for those who can't run Java applets. Try it here.


Ray-theoretical modelling of teleseismic waves in dipping, anisotropic structures

Download it here (650K compressed).

The current version is 1.2, updated Jan. 22, 2004. I've just fixed a bug which would calculate incorrect layer thicknesses when using multiple stations (i.e. non-zero X and Y offsets in the geometry file) and more than two dipping interfaces. If you use multiple stations, you should probably update.

See here for what this does. This is only the forward-modelling part of the project; the inversion code is based on Malcolm Sambridge's original implementation of his neighbourhood algorithm and cannot be distributed without his permission (which isn't hard to get -- e-mail me if you're interested). The program is written in Fortran 77 (with the END DO and IMPLICIT NONE extensions) and should be compilable just about anywhere; instructions are included.

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